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We strive to keep all information be it from our own work, projects or training FREE! < Find out now! > But people are not, due to reasons as old as the Stone Age itself (make that oldest profession not in our forte here).
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Here is what they can do for you:


    To support you exclusively from Preliminary Prototyping, Requirements Analysis to Development works, through User Acceptance Test. Mostly for customized and complex large installations that require high service levels and mission criticals.

    USD500 - USD1000 per human-day. You may have your own resources working alongside ours, thus reducing our own effective human-days.



    To assign you a personal online personnel to answer your email queries within the day (from 5 mins to 12 hrs) on issues and bugs or problems faced during implementation of your application that does not require Service 1 above.

    Flat minimal period is one year at USD2000 per year per paid user. No limit to incidents report. But only communication with one paid user. Extra users at another similar fee. A user is defined as an active user of the application where the issue arises from his direct usage. Relayed incidents are considered as extra user (s) and should be made paid users first.

    The advice given must be executed by that named user and not another user unless its also a paid user.

    Customer must satisfy information as to the environment used and not exceed the environment agreed. Environment can be amended by another instrument with forewarned notice.



    To go through a step by step interactive tutorial with online exams towards certification by our experts.

    USD100 per module

    Each module is about one day fully packed learning.



    Classroom hands-on tutorials and exercises of the Online Training, with instructor physical attention

    USD200 per module

    Project work will be examined and graded for certification.



    Mecca Certified Partners. A partner must have undergone either on-line training or on-site training in Malaysia. The certified partners will be advertised on our partners page.

    USD2000 per year


  6. MANUALS, TUTORIALS, FORUM INFORMATION (like we said, it's free!) < Find out now! >


  7. ASP MODEL OF ADOPTION No need of own server or in house setup.

    Pay as per user per year USD300.

    Warranty of uptime 99.5% at unlimited file transfer


  8. FREE ASP! No warranty usage of ASP service.


  9. DVD

    USD100 containing related software and manuals


  1. All payments are to be made to Red1.org.

    This is to protect you in the event of Service 1, that the engaged professional does not perform, we shall assign another one, and pay them accordingly. We only withhold necessarily for and until the satisfactory sign-off from the client. The professional (s) shall receive about 50% of the fees paid. The balance is for the administration and management of the responsibility towards the paying client. See further on terms of performance.

  2. A project leader or single point of contact will be assigned to you. Any resources assigned by him/her are exchangeable with another person or resource in the event that resource is incommunicado.

  3. In case of non-performance of the said resource, all payments will be refunded in full to you.

  4. We bear no liability for failure of the systems we assist you to implement and shall perform best to professional standards. Please study our forums and other information to gauge our preparedness and professionalism. Any liability will only be not exceeding the amount paid, minus any expenses already incurred by the professional resource that has been utilized.


  1. Rule of Immediacy

    For Service 1 and 2, the support personnel will be always 'there'. Our system will trigger a real human that a request has been posted and attended to immediately.

  2. Rule of Competency

    In conjunction with RPL 1, the personnel attending to the request must be of competent level that has experience in the category of problems or issues raised. If the person attending has not, then another personnel of relevant competency is alerted and warranted attention is relayed to the request.

  3. Rule of Response

    Response of at least recognizing such a request will be immediate. Either by auto-responder CRM system that track and ticket the request bringing into play the relevant personnel or by a human response.

    The next response will be a first-aid take of the situation, classifying the nature of the request and the priority status, as well as the ETA of final solution. Or at least an advice of what further lines of action it entails. Worst scenario for example is:

    "We have never encountered this problem. We are putting Sam, the one who design this module on this page. He will respond as to what can be the causes, the necessary options and time frames, and risks, and you tell us if that is satisfactory and he can proceed to execute his advice."

  4. Rule of Visibility

    All correspondence shall be public information (black box rule). Any need of screenshots and video or audio capture shall be kept offline unless permitted by client.

    4.1) Rule of confidentiality
    Where the client insist on this, visibility will be kept to a meaningless lump, i.e. only aggregate type info can be released. There may be degrees of such confidentiality and shall be negotiated in a separate instrument.

  5. Rule of Service

    You have to engage us on Service 2 only when you do not do any code modifications to the software given. If you do, then a Service 1 is advised. On signing off the software modification or project, you can fall back to Service 2 which is a Support Contract.

    Finally you can opt to be out of the Support Contract and rely solely on community support which is a Where Is As Is Basis. Then no professional or warranted responses are liable on our part on a commercial basis.

  6. Rule of Warranty

    We warrant any of our software changes to be free from non-performance as specified in the System Requirements Specs instrument, to the paying customer. If such a payment customer ceases to be one, then such a warranty also ceases.

    The client or user shall not modify the codes without the certification of us as the intended vendor. If so, then a source audit fee can be advised before commencing any service where we sign-off that your changes are safe to proceed.

    The audit fee cannot exceed USD300 per 1000 lines of code examined.

  7. Rule of Insurance

    We shall be taking a professional indemnity insurance where required by the client. The further admin costs shall be borne by the client.

    The insurance shall not exceed USD1million and applicable only to mission critical projects such as banking and life-supporting utilities. Part of such insurance will be the engagement of further certified professionals. Their rates remain the same via us which is not exceeding USD1000 per day.



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