Firstly we know you want to ask this question earnestly, "FOR WHAT?" 
Well, you can join us for the following categories:

  1. As a Translator of the Open Source App. We already have for some languages but that doesn't stop you from also contributing a translation to the: 

  1. Application menu and messages itself (we are preparing the I18N layers first to ease that)

  2. Help and User Manuals. Again more than one may be needed to finish them.

  3. Website (that u can basically do a mirror or a section under your own portal where we link to u and you to us.

  1. Application Developers. No matter what level you are, you can always join in and learn along the way. We will tell you if we think you have to start with a toy gun first. We are focusing on the following technologies:

  1. OfBiz migration of our apps to that framework.

  2. Eclipse plug-ins. Using Tomcat, DB and other plug-ins that need tweaking and extending and even outright building from scratch to facilitate a truly super duper app.

  3. Compiere integration. Its where RED1 started. Its and ERP CRM model that we like to crack and integrate or even decide to migrate to OfBiz too.

  4. Components Adding. Ah thats lots of it. Payroll, Help Desk, Installers, Business Intelligence (or Eclipse BIRT stitching), it never ends, yummy!

  1. Tester. Try to make it crash and burn. Don't worry, its not the Airbus A380 you re-testing.

    But do tell us exactly where the wreckage is and how you drove it there.


Thought you never asked. Well, we cannot beat the French Foreign Legionnaires in terms of benefits, but tell you what you get here!

  1. You get fame. And we don't mean waiting in some Hollywood American idol mile-long queues to get that fame. Just give us some codes/text and your name is in.

    Ok, you may be asking, "Are you people famous in the first place?"

    Our answer is just check up "University ERP System" in Google and you can see that we are first in line. We always working on to maintain our pole position.

    Or just search for our champion, Redhuan D. Oon in any search engine or in SourceForge for his handler 'red1'. This is called Brand Association, something like standing next to David Letterman or Emperor Hirohito.

  2. You ain't get no pressure. We don't care if you manage only to logout more successfully than you login. We are always here. This is cyberspace remember?

  3. Profit. Well that comes after merit and credit. Bring it into here or start right here. When somehow in spite of what all your friends say about you, we begin to trust you to handle our services, we shall pay you for jobs we get and that you can do.

  4. Endorsement. When your name is in our developer's list, it is easier for you to sell your services to your local ERP or University prospect as they can see that you belong to this inner circle that they have no idea of. You do not have to pay us anything for any profit you derive on your own effort.

    You can tell us the good news in the event that installation succeeded. Don't tell us if something bad happens to you; we will tell you something worse.

  5. No one cares about your attitude. Oh, we got lots of those here. That's why we ask them to interact with us from a long distance web page so that we can't get to strangle them.

  6. Something to do. You got lots of energy. You also got insomnia. No one understand you. Neither do we. But somehow we reckon that if you can manage to arrive at our website here, you must be some Chosen One that others have missed.

  7. None of the above. We somehow allow for that mystical freak of nature, er we mean genius. Welcome!

Now, who else has join this unforsaken place?

They are:

Mentor Advisors (those who came from the old country and is way up in the family tree, you know what we mean?)
Marco Lombardo from Italy
Andre Legendre from France

Rasmus from Denmark
Lofx from Spain
Hema of Turkey

Dale from United States of America
from Kenya
Tjikeldy from Indonesia
Trifon from Bulgaria
Sam, Shaiful, Gan, LekBoon from Malaysia

From the Malaysian Universities.


We like to keep things simple and self-organizing here. But still rules are rules. So we have ONE RULE:

There are NO Rules. Only Anarchy.

And don't any of you dare break that!


Simple! Just introduce yourself here and tell us what you been doing; doing now; want to do.

You can also send us a direct mail to either or if you don't want the family to know.



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