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Joined: 06 Jul 2004
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Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:11 am    Post subject: IF AUDIBLE + VISIBLE, THEN ELIGIBLE. END IF. Reply with quote

This is an IF statement with a finality.
If you do not read and reply to all relevant posts then u are not visible.
If you do not greet people or not heard to speak professionally especially in meetings then you are not audible.
If you ARE practising in both departments, you are HIRED. Else you are FIRED!

This IF Rule applies to all apprentices irrespective whether they are confirmed or not. To ask me about guarantees, well, thats rather reactive thinking isn't it?

For example Juli is not guaranteed though i said she can be the next management trainee on getting a parent company project soon. It isnt our project and we are only 'tumpang je'. So is the case with Helmi.

But i like to how some marks here for a reference point to all and u can see she is still the best candidate so far.

Category % Julie Helmi The Others Some1

VISIBLE 60% 50% 40% 10%
AUDIBLE 20% 20% 5% 0%


The % target is not 60% or 90% or 99.99% but 100%
Sembang among yourselves is not part of AUDIBLE. That is sembang culture brought forward from the University which well, u all know didnt get you any job even though u have a Dean's List or 7 straight As.

VISIBLE also means u respond to guidance and instructions positively, taking up challenges with competency. Or at least you tried. But then trying is not in a JOB vocabulary nor failure is an option.

Can i say that we try to give u a job, but we failed?
Or we say we try to give u some salary but we again failed?

My advice has been that you start right now to start speaking to yourself when u wake up, when u brush your teeth, when u sit after prayer, when u are with any1 u find, when u walk, when u wait for the lift, when u meet strangers and i mean professionally and in English.
My advice also is that u read every post that is make here in the Apprentice Forum and answer every one of them. U miss one, u wont pass the 99% mark. And u know what that means, you are NOT hired. No management trainee offer, no recommendation, and no BUTS or PLS SIR.

So pls my dear apprentices. Its so easy to get comfortable. Azan wasn't comfortable when she started. She cried. Did any1 else cried? I dont think so. U know why i know? Cos i am a good guy. Thats my problem. Thats why i failed on so many apprentices. This good guy lesson was taught to me in 2001 when i was fired for a job WELL DONE! U see, i failed to handle certain people. U guess it. I was too kind. I did not execute the prettiest concubine (A story in Sun Tze's Art Of War).

And i failed many times in life. Its so bitter and i have talked about it in a few places, but u havent really hear all my failures. U will cry when i do tell u. I can guarantee that.

So if u have never failed or cried so far, u better start practising now.

If u want to ask about your sifu here, well I am 110% visible and 110% audible. When i go into a meeting, i m prepared with charts and slides, and a speech well rehearsed. None of u even think of that.
Even before i come for interview, i know what to say and why i say it.
I already formed University before i become the CTO of ISYS. U can check on the sourceforge project creation date. I was appointed on 1 Jan 2005.
When a Tsunami happens, i have to react with lightning speed, as u can see now of the Product logo, slogan, tagline, concept, unique name, abbreviation. Cos i practice all the time.
When i watch movies, i study the hottest acts, i emulate them. I apply NLP. I even acted in dramas and go on TV. I started from Universities actually in 1985 speaking alongside Dr Jomo, Dr Muzaffar, Dr Kassim Ahmad,... I personally met Tun Salleh Abbas, Syed Naquib Al-Attas, and gave my elevator statements to them, until they say, "U are really good".
When i m stuck in a jam, i replay the scenes in my head. I reenact new scenes with me in it. I play positive words in my head, of who i am, and what i can be. No, not what CAN BE, but IS.
I solve issues that takes months and thousands of ringgit within minutes. I do branding. U see I am not even here. It grows on its own. It is internationally aclaimed. But i am not a show-off. A show-off is not humble. He wont help any1. I got countless stories of people i have helped. Offline especially. With money or a fish. But i really helped u when i teach u how to fish.
I have taught, but its time to execute. So that rules stays. If u failed to be HIRED, it means the sifu failed to train.
I have already removed one staff when i stepped into this company. I almost removed a few apprentice. But they pleaded for chances. And i was soft-hearted. Was that right? Was that justice. So maybe when in Padang Masyar, we just plead with Allah, "O! Most Forgiving One, Do not send me to Hell". Can u seriously tell me that will happen? Do you even want to bet? Or take the risk?
Remember Murphy's Law. When it can happen, it happen. Ok, ok, no more negative thinking. Thats why i ask u ppl to use your mind, your imagination, use NLP, use visualisations, use every chance to write, to speak. Reading is already a granted must. No one need to ask u to. U cannto say, 'i did not read that'

Even one apprentice here when i ask, what century are we in, he answered, 'the 20th century!' I have to remind him that we are in the 21st century and the year is 2005. Not 1984. Not 1999, Not 2001. But 2005.

And this CTO reads Sun Tze. And his Art of War said, "Failure is NOT an option". You are FIRED!
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Joined: 06 Jul 2004
Posts: 1756
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2005 11:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Learning process is painful and long. I know many of u will begin to complain. I told this to yesterday's meeting which no one has made visible yet, so i will just give the conclusion here which all the apprentices present agreed to accept willingly:

1) You have to be visible
2) You have to be scolded
3) You have to unlearn/relearn
4) You have to answer every post
5) U have to practice English 100%
6) Dont expect to be employed yet

But right after the meeting, i was right; some1 got a same scolding from me for saying that she should continue her work instead of updating the forum of her work, and then wasting further time for doing the wrong thing.

Therefore, you all are travelling at 10 km per hr when the company is going at 80 km per hr. Some even go into reverse!

U must also be aware that everytime u cannot catch up, u waste the company's resources. Thats why u cannot hope for the company to pay u at all. They will think twice about hiring you. How dare u even suggest the company to pay u? When its losing money!

There are so many skills and knowledge that is missing. Yes, yes blame the govt. But now u re in the driver's seat. I say blame yourself. Its u who choose not to speak in english. Its u who choose not to think. Its u who choose not to read. All these is painful. U choose not to experience pain. U choose to be comfortable. U will lose time and your D-Day will be up. And it will be too late to beg for another chance. You have to move on and leave your life to luck and God's Grace.

This all sound negative. I already gave so much positive messages before but it does not work. Not at all. Now i am applying Edward de Bono's ATD tools. Try negative now. Try putting so much negativity into yourself until u are shocked like Tsunami's victims.

Try accesing what u have done the last one month? Or two months when we first interviewed u on Dec 24, two days before the tsunami.

Our Creator said in the Quran that on that fateful day, the person in the field will not think of going to his home; the husband will forget of his wife and kids; the mother will forget about her child. That's so drastic and cruel and mind-boggling isnt it? But that's our Gracious and Merciful Lord.

I dont know what else i can say or do to shock you into changing your attitude. I even use ceramah agama, but even those of you who came from agama schools do not know the basics! Dont even know what is dalil naqliah; dont even know how many days is qiyamah; dont even know The Creator. This is certainly the end of days.
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Joined: 31 Dec 2004
Posts: 19
Location: Kuala Lumpur

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2005 7:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

mr red1..

thanks for the marks. although it is just passed the half marks, i know that i can do better than that after this. to me it is the good starting point for me to be success in my work.

Mr. red1,
for the first time, i think u r wrong when u said that no one else has cried like azan. how do u know that no one has cried like her?. u know azan problem when she mentioned it in the forum. i also have cried because cannot speak fluent in english. it just that, im not comfortable when talking about my personal life in the large community like this. i prefer to discuss about other things, such as work, knowledge and other things.

yes, i have tried to be proficient in english, maybe im not try as hard as azan and i didn't have any experience to be waitress or any work that need us to converse in english.

i have already tried to speak in english for the whole day. i feel very happy because this is the first time all the apprentices have spoken in english with each other at office. it also increase my level of confidence. before this, i just practise speaking only with my best friend. and now i realize that, to be fluent in english, we need to practice with the whole world. not only with one person.

lastly, i want to discuss about the management trainee position.i know that im not guarantee to get that training or permanent job. like u said, u just take us for practical training only. when i being invisible in the forum that day, it is not that im comfortable with my position and think that "no need to visible la because i will get the management trainee...". it is not like that. please don't think like that..i have already tell u that i want to get as much experience in our company. im not hoping that u want to employed me bcoz i know i didn't make it. it is just my mistake to be invisible that day..the bad choice to be invisible..
..:: Julie::..
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Joined: 06 Jul 2004
Posts: 1756
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2005 7:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Finally, u made yourself visible. Now i know.

Finally, u state your mistakes, now u know.

I was not wrong. Cos i did not know.

You were wrong, when u did not made your mistakes visible. The making of your mistakes is the right thing to do.

Arent all these what u were taught consistently here, by me?

So, am i still wrong? Think about it. Then you may apologise. Do the right thing this time. And u are still not visible elsewhere. Dont go half way. Go all the way.

Again, when you have something to say, what is stopping you. When i ask u all to speak, speak, speak; little spoke. Then i ask u all to write, write, write, little wrote. So when i start making references and apply sarcasm and cynicsm, then only u move. A long time ago guru on Public Speaking, Dale Carnegie wrote that the only way to train someone to speak is to make him/her angry first. I m applying it now cos it work better. He is still right. Psychology is timeless, thats why i learn and teach it to u. There are many pschological tots i passed on. Are some of them still invisible? Be kind to others by writing it down of what i have tot u.

U see one more secret is when u tell others what u know, rather than listening in all the time. Thats why one rahsia to do well in a subject is to teach others about it even though u do not know it. Same as the skimming and reading method i tot u. Did u practice that? No one gives feedback on whatever i tot. I shall stop teaching then. Firing is better teacher. No more Dale's time. Its Donald's time.

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Joined: 06 Jul 2004
Posts: 1756
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PostPosted: Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Now i will address some assumptions u have in your statement.

1) U assume that i want u to tell your private life. That's presumptous and its not true. I am making examples of how hard it is to succeed in something as basic to life as air, such as a good command of English. A good way to speak is to draw from others examples, and the best examples are contemporary ones. If i refer to Dr. Mahathir u will meluak cos hes too old for your time, His time is over. Azan and your time are just about to begin.

2) U do not have to say u cry to prove yourself right. Why is is that when we are bad in something and we tried, then we cried, people become dramatic? What about those who was doing well from the start and so need not cry? Arent they also missing something? And u can say it about other matters. For example (see the problem with examples when u got no samples to draw from), P. Ramlee's Anak Ku Sazali, if that Sazali is good, will there be a lesson about Anak Durhaka? Will we have a legendary hit even? I need stories like Azan. The world are made up of stories like Azan. No matter who she is, i m not falling for her. I got better stories myself. I just want to draw from her story cos she is in your same boat, or close to it. Do not be a siswazah anymore and see the negative. Its dificult to unlearn/relearn that way.
The writing world today makes money cos they can write about their own dramatic stories. No story, no emotion. No emotion, no attention. No Attention, No interest, and so forth no one has the desire nor the action to react to u. Be quiet, u die quietly. Thats what politics is about. U know why politicians are corrupted? Cos the right people like u do not speak up until its too late. Be a leader (repeating again). Lead, not follow. Azan led. She scores marks. U merely followed. And its so easy to crticise what others have took the trouble to make effort on. Pls do this homework for me. Check Edward de Bono's comments on criticising others. U find something 2 lessons about the same side. Tell me which side and what are the 2 lessons.

3) U again assume that to remove u from any confirm status is not part of apprenticeship. It is! Everyone must get scolded. Everyone must get fired. Check my last posts.

Now, the issue u must guess is why? Can any1 tell me why i do this? I hire someone then i fire that same person? See if any1 here assume correctly. Cmon... make one more mistake. It will be your last. Or are u afraid now?

This whole life is an apprenticeship. I have told Fieza that every1 gives every1 marks. And every1 must fight for his/her marks. U cannot be the jiwa or jiwang which that day Akmal shares us with which is "Oh... show offlah! Sangka dia tu pandai sangat. Nak beritahu semua orang. Sudahlah!" Whose words are those? Where do they come from?

In the Malay Dilema written by Dr. Mahathir, he refers to the deep inferiority complex suffered by the Malays just like the Red Indians in USA. We are placed in Tanah Rezab Melayu. We are given quotas. We mengaku diri kita lemah. So Mahathir first called for the Melayu Boleh attitude. Kalau Cina kaya, kita panggil depa Taukeh. Kalau Melayu kaya, kita panggil dia Kroni atau Korap. Pls read his speeches from the NST archives in Jalan Riong.

4) U said u wanted to learn. Really? What are u learning? Learning how to format MSWord? Learning how to do 5-day Manuals? What boring subjects? No... i m afraid those are the wrong things to learn here. I am not teaching u about fishes. I m teaching u how to really fish.
I have personally taught u the art of talking big, and praising those who talk big. I told u why u must be big, or else u get lower in life and more fitnah as a miskin and asyik tergantung kat orang. I have tot u about NLP, about visualising the right succesful people. I have asked u all to throw out the hantu2 in the closet. No more the old Azrul, that fears ntah apa benda in life. No more the old Haslina that has jammed her mind from speaking bravely.

I wonder what u ppl read in life? Love stories with tragic sob-sob kisah or success stories with sob-sob kisah? Why i criticise love stories is that its too jiwang and often tersirat. Others are tersurat. Tersurat means Visible. So now, if u again become invisible, means u are jiwang punya orang, amat tersirat and not confident to tell his or her story.

Pls read also about interpersonal skills. Cos many of u will be putting those words into your resume when u go out to apply for work soon. U will say, "Saipol Rizal - excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work under pressure and with minimal supervision" Wow! I must say, very brave and sombong kind of words! But are they true? Let me just test u with one question. What is the secret of becoming excellent in interpersonal relationships?

I told u even more simpler things about observation as one more secret to success. That day Dimyati interacted with Puan Fauziah, but did any1 study the interaction and wrote about it here? So i will now write about it, so that u know. Dimyati was very skillful in handling Puan Fauziah. Why i said that? He use another technique as compared to mine? Why i said that? And Puan Fauziah also perform well. Why i said that?

Now one more last reminder of getting fired. Its the only way for u to improve. Its creating the tsunami for u. One day u will thank the one who fired u, and curse the person who gula2kan u.
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Joined: 31 Dec 2004
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

im sorry if my previous post make u feel angry...i remember u taught me to express what is written in my i try to apply it.

about the assumption, u have asked us, "did anyone else cried?". my answer is i have cried when learn to speak in english. i just want to explain that why i didn't mentioned it in the forum. bcoz im not comfortable. maybe im wrong when i said:

not comfortable when talking about my personal life in the large community like this. i prefer to discuss about other things, such as work, knowledge and other things.

i think, that's why u assume that u want me to tell about my private life. my above statement is because of the question. i tot that u may understand if i explained it that way...i know that we can get motivated when some1 tell their experience about how difficult to achieve what we need for our life. the experience is the good example to be follow so that we can be a better person.

im not very clear about this statement:

3) U again assume that to remove u from any confirm status is not part of apprenticeship. It is! Everyone must get scolded.

i don't know what do u mean by remove from any confirmation status. . i just tell that im not hoping to be employed bcoz as u said that all of us are not qualify. that's why i said that i will not be employed by this company.

"I hire someone then i fire that same person?".

to me, u r trying to find the suitable person with all the skill required and can adapt with the new working environment. for the person who get fired, they will feel so bad and start to think the right way to improve their self.

there is so much things that i need to learn from u during this three month. i don't want u to ignore me after this bcoz of my statement before..pls forgive me for my mistakes..
..:: Julie::..
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Joined: 06 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 12:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To explain about what is meant by "Everyone must be scolded", "Fired", etc, is to ensure that every1 is aware of the Apprentice 'game'.

In the Donald Trump's Apprentice, every1 is aware cos its shown every week and the rules are made clear that someone will. We need not guess if its true or not.

In my apprentice, i have had experience where my previous apprentices did not get the right idea even after i told them. Thats why i do NOT ASSuME.

The Mentor task is to throw difficulties onto your path, so that u learn faster than normal. Even if s/he has to make u angry or make u feel uncomfortable. I just want to see how u deal with such situations.

When no one respond (U yourself also didnt respond though u say so above that u prefer to discuss about knowledge and work, mana ada, Juli? Kan u minta maaf dan minta 'give me a chance'?), then i have to pose challenges such as "Did any1 here cried?" That is not an assumption that no one else did. And when u said that I was wrong in assuming so, that is a wrong statement in itself, and i have to say so, so that u do not get led astray by your own culture that has to change.

When Akmal says that he tried to argue with his friends about "show-off" statement, i asked him to forget them and carry on with the real game. If he did, then good for him. I already know that such ppl will not want to lose easily in the argument. They just want to argue for the sake of arguing and not learning the real problem with them.

Thus about getting 'fired' is not only an understanding u may have here, but FEELING 'fired' is the understanding that u must FEEL. Let me explain is some Malay:

Tidak cukup sekadar memahami sesuatu perkara, tetapi hendajlah benar-benar merasai atau melalui perkara tersebut.

You should understand the above statement. To force me to explain is to stop the game. That is what u should worry about - not been in this game of learning and experiencing. U see the apprentices in Trump's game is not about their Harvard training anymore. ITs about taking action, its about "what are u going to do about your failure?", Its about "who is getting fired now?". Thats the game of life.

In real life u have been 'fired', when u get rejected 10 times in interview or 2 times even when u have a Dean's List, that means that u have to change tactics. U cannot depend on your resume anymore. U have to depend on more skills. U have to be more expressive or impressive. But what?

One of it is how do u handle pressure? How do u handle when your boss scolds you? How do u handle rejection? How do u handle when u think u are right but not right? How do u explain yourself when the boss doesnt listen.

From your answers is what i m trying to teach u what u should notice about your own answers. I do not expect u to give the right answers. I just want u to make mistakes in your answers so that i can explain more. Then u make different mistakes and i explain further, until u say "ohhh... itu rupanyaaa".

For example about been VISIBLE which is si simple. Dont u notice how every1 doesnt understand it at first. They tot that they r supposed to analyse until paralyse so that they can give the best answer. NO! its just to say your tots even though u have none.
Saya nak anda cair dalam menaip hulu-hilir. Saya bukan mahu anda berpantun.
Becos i have diagnosed that our problem is not been open and brave to say sumtin been afraid of what ppl think.

When u say, "Pls let me learn some more" it shows that fear. When u say "sorry, sorry" it also shows that fear. Yes i say do not be afraid to say so, but that doesnt mean i cannot scold or be angry. I must behave like a normal boss. Or should i be a nabi makshum dari kemarahan?

When u do mistakes i will welcome it and at the same time scold u. And when i fire u and ask u to take the lift down, i also am behaving like the right boss. U have to take the risk. But what i m saying is that u will become better and better if u accept the challenge and always be positive.

Thus do not expect me to accept your apologies. Thats not my way or the Mentor's way. The Boss must fire to be effective. The Ibu-Ayah must tangan-tangankan anak, sekiranya sayang anak. But the anak cannot say, "Aku tak mahu hiduplah... kerana asyik buat salah dan kena rotan je"

If u are afraid of been fired, then u have not really confronted your fears. teraKHIR has accepted that he must resigned to avoid firing from me. DO u know that he is better now? Dont believe me, ask him! I know cos thats what every1 said so and every book on this subject said so.
Its when u lalui kehidupan yang payah baru anda berubah. If u are never fired, u will never realised.

So i have issued the notice of firing not that u have an attitude that u will never get a job. No! Its just for the experience and the change for u to be better. If i rotan my anak, bukan kerana i tak sayang anak dan darah daging isteri saya. Ia adalah kerana terlalu sayang kat anak yang saya rotankannya. Itupun jarang sekali dan terlalu beradab cara saya lakukannya. I know that if i do not cane them, they will be spoilt sooner or later. Then its me that is in the wrong.

I have asked u all about "My Best Teacher" U all answered wrongly. U all said about "GOOD and KIND" teachers. Those teachers are actually cruel teachers as they tot u nutin but information only. Best teachers are teachers who caned u, who fight u, who go against u. Who give u hard time. Who dont let u go home until u finish your work. Who put u into detention class. Whom u really hated and u wish they die.

Those teachers will haunt your memory when u are old. Then suddenly u said,
"Mana ya chegu tu yang selalu rotan saya? Rupa2nya dialah yang memberi kesedaran kepada saya". This is Fitrah. Thats why ayah menhadiahkan rotan kepada guru agama apabila menghantar anaknya zaman dulu.

More often than not is the worst answer u get about who is your best teacher; the one who gave u a hard time. The one who says Awak Bahlul!

Regard me as that teacher.

Last edited by red1 on Sun Feb 27, 2005 12:26 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

To answer the other assumption that i am finding that someone sutiable is again wrong.

There is no one suitable, cos i have tot u "No one wants to buy what some1 else want to get rid off". The govt wants to get rid of u. The companies that u went for interview wants to get rid of u. Every1 rejected u. Why should i want u?

I m here to change your luck. Not to employ u. I have already put out advertisments. To even be a management trainee is no guarantee and the pay is still low to survive. There are thousands more begging us to take them.

I want to try new tactics that i have not really tried before. Make u all really work. Make u all answer everything. Make u all tired. Make u all give up. Make u all get up again. Make u all cry. Make u all wish this will all go away. Make u all jump.

I told u already how i love my swmming years in VI (mungkin tak beritahu kat u cos u not around. Thats the fault of the apprentice i told cos he did not make that visible), how we were trained so strenously that i become a fantastic swimmer. Tak percaya suruh siapa2 aprentis lelaki untuk challenge saya, walaupun saya dah lebih tua.

Everyday swimming training sure punya, mesti rasa sakit seminggu. Kalau dah elok otot-otot, coach akan bagi lagi sampai sakit balik.

So is when i went for a training session with Misbun Sidek. He is one year my senior in VI. I main dengan dia 3 stroke sahaja dia terus tanak main dengan saya kerana saya terlalu lemah. But he told me one secret.

"First we train for one hour at least, then we get tired, then.... the REAL training begins"... i say to myself, "oooohhhhhhh, like that 1111111".

Are u tired? Then your REAL training is about to begin.
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Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 10:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Well… to be good in communication or to make ur experience interesting, being a WAITRESS OR WAITER is not a necessary. Being an outlet crew of Baskin Robbins is not my starting or the only way of me to polish up my English.

When I was about 6, 7, 8, yrs old, my mother told my sister and me the stories in English books. When I was 14 yrs old, I start to come to my English teacher to ask her how to be good in English. She then asks me to WRITE a journal for her. I have to write daily on whatever I like such as an interesting or bad things happen in my day, my dreams, my interest, and whatever comes across my mind. I did.

I am just orang kampong but my mother is one of my boosters to be good in English. Even though she is not good in English but she try to give us the best. During my primary school, I never realize that my English was so bad.

I got 5 A’s in my UPSR and I went to boarding school. Only then I realize the poorness of my English since most of my friends are done well in English. We got 6 classes for my batch. We are divided into classes according to the achievement. I am eligible to class three out of those 6 classes so I am moderate in term of academic achievement.

As my teachers realize the importance of English, we are again divided to the classes according to our English level (only during English subject… means that, English period will be simultaneously for all classes). Do u know which class I was eligible? The lowest class…. that is class 6. Hahahaha….. (I was in class 3 but during English subject, I have to be in class 6).

Schools, being a sales assistant, being a student in university, all these are my journey to make up my self with English. I do not know, when is the starting point or the ending point. It is all are the JOURNEY… I have so long way to go on….
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