My Great Tutorials

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My Great Tutorials

Postby red1 » Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:01 am

Well, do not take my word for it. They are great because they started and end the great war. It started with Jorg Janke, the owner of Compiere Inc USA who disliked that i put too much secrets out there on how his masterpiece Compiere Open Source ERP/CRM worked behind the scenes. He misunderstood my intent entirely. I was and did beefed up his project by filling in the missing gaps and always praised him and draw crowds to his fee structure of membership which my company paid (OpenFix Malaysia PLC) his company USD8 thousand in 2003.

Together with the community, my tutorials and this forum drew crowds and helped him to grow to 100 fee paying worldwide subsribers (USD8k X 100 = USD800,000). But he eventually ran off with USD6m selling off ComPiere Inc control resulting in a disastrous lost of confidence, and the rest is history.

This link lead to all the famous Compierean files - ... Tutorials/ (Note i did not predict that Donald Trump will run for POTUS, and if he wins, i hope he will not sue me! Haha, no i don't think so. I think he will invite me to the White House. Haha.

This link lead to my many more present post-fork tutorials. ... re%20PDFs/

Lately I am more concerned about security. So this link will download FitNesseTesting.pdf. And here is a seminal BlackPaper.pdf.

There is more to come.


I prefer to do less consulting work and more evangelising work around the world for the sake of making the community grow and survive the long term. I mostly half finance myself while handling projects all over. At the moment i do not receive any sponsorship from anyone. So if you wish to support me in that or at least donate as a show of appreciation you may do so to my PayPal account:

That is also my email. Another email is I am mostly interested in giving motivational talks to university crowds (all faculties instead of just IT or CS on the passion of sharing and even advise those who love startups in providing sustainable eco-system services around this great ERP community). If there is need for professional transfer of knowhow (USD1,000 per day negotiable fee) or selective exciting projects that i have not done before or to lands too amazing not to visit, I might consider. If you need support you can go to!topic/idempiere. I be happy to answer whenever i can there.
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