How Is A Person A Poison?

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How Is A Person A Poison?

Postby red1 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:28 am

There are so-called community members that eventually or quickly turns out to be poisonous in their words or presentation when dealing with others. Here i like to give my own personal take based on real experience in the ADempiere project and how we can identify them.

Firstly a poisonous character is one who is not an expert in the subject matter of your project. For example in our project an expert will be off the following two categories:
1. Technical expert. He should really know Java or Databases or setting up ERPs, have done sufficiently of it, and knows what he is talking about. Otherwise if he tries to pick a fight he will poison the discussions.
2. User expert. He should have implemented a couple of ERP instances and faced and learnt from the problems associated with them. Otherwise similarly he may be talking nonsense when he tries to raise an issue or even pick on one.

Beyond this two types, anyone who tries to be an active member may have to relegate himself to other duties and show his worth in such areas:
1. Maintainer. He maintains the content, wikis and websites.
2. Apprentice. He is just learning and he should stick his questions to what he is trying to learn and support the seniors in the project that might teach him the most.

Further beyond this, there are the end-users, and if they get into argument with us, it is really too sad and unnecessary, as they are just downloading what we are uploading and should really take the option of choice - 'go elsewhere if you think others are better'. In general our project is not a busy one and in fact has few members. Our project is not even meant to be top ten in SourceForge or a giant killer against SAP. It is just a 'free as in freedom' option to those developers who are good in ERP and wanted to share their codes in a bazaar fashion as opposed to the cathedral approach to software making.

Thus there is quite one type of people that may pose issues that end up as poisonous. Even an expert who is nice to have above may possess some poison. They are potential trouble spots because they raise issues pertaining to making money or we categorised as the business minded people. And it is usually their own business. They want to make money and they see anything in their way as issues. So if they find our website not attractive like they raise the alarm bells. My advice. Shoot them. If they disagree with our ill-treatment, ask them to go to and leave us alone.

There are activity or name throwing from such evil business minded people that we have to particularly look out for:
1. Business model
By these i mean people who think they are going to make a killing figuring out a killer business model or plan or they are a good strategist figuring out how to harness our free energy and potential.
Don't get me wrong. There are other good business people i met and they usually leave us alone when i explained to them that we in fact have no interest in such business model to make money for them like Facebook or YouTube and they accept that they have missed the boat (creating Facebook or YouTube) and should look elsewhere.

2. Passionate model
Some of these people even began with charity in mind. They ask us to think of themselves or us as poor developers who are not paid most of the time within our project. Hm.. who gave them the right to do so? Did we beg for money? We choose this hobby career on our own accord. If we need money we put on some decent clothes, go and have a hair-cut and file in line for a job interview. Usually we can get a decent job. Otherwise we are inept and incapable to even work on this ADempiere project. In short this is not a charity. This is not a place where you pretend to be an expert and then place your hands in others faces asking for some handouts for some of your dirty code. Jeezzz.

3. Compassionate model
So there are those that wants us to be thinking since ADempiere is free and voluntary and thus poor, why not gather all the top assets or resources around them and they will make money for us while we code happily away? That won't work because such people are also passionate people and when they see that we coders do not think their way, they also get angry and would chatise us as stupid dumb communists. I won't call them stupid dumb capitalists. Just 'misplaced and misguided' persons. They are in the wrong place as this is a socialistic bazaar and not a commercial entity. I repeat in other terms: This is a community based open source project that has no preferred formal structure nor pretty receptionist answering their phone calls nor a nice sounding forwarding address in London. In fact some of its top coders that produced the most expensive codes are either leaving in exotic locations and un-urbane conditions far from the city and mostly happy working away in their pajamas with unkempt hairstyles.

4. My code is better than yours
Such bad business people has also come out with ideas to hide and worst still, change and then hide our code! They will claim that they have better value-adding to our code but they won't or will never show any of it. They disrupt our best coders because they create the atmosphere that our code is free lunch when it is not but freedom.

If they value freedom, they only need to share it, not exploit it. However they hardly contribute anything significant and if they do, they unload to us their troubles within their work more than anyone can derive benefit from it.

And some of these characters made it into our citizenship! They look for loopholes within our generosity to make the mark. When we say 'should post at least 5 times in the forums' they will just say anything worthwhile just to claim qualification. You get what i mean by 'looking for loopholes'.

Usually we do not mind such lay citizens but their actions were clearly not making contributions or intend to do so but just big words of how they will help ONE FINE DAY. Meanwhile we prefer they stay out of our rolls.

However sometimes project admins are naive and been nice people we are always taken for a ride. After all we are not salesmen or business minded people who will distrust anyone who says ,"Hi!". Well, as in any country, there are good citizens and there are bad citizens. We do not shoot bad ones, but they take us for granted.

Recently the top contributors of real clean code in the project has moved away from the project and this is a sign to the business minded leeches that this is not a project that they can count on. It is better they leave the place alone and we shall return once it is rid of the last of them.

We have not, i repeat left the ADempiere project as we are still hanging on to the domains as trustees. We just want to continue to work in peace and not distracted by stones flung at us, or stupid arguments to push others bad code or stop our good code that exposes their bad code. If people likes our code, they take ours. If people love their code, they take theirs. Choice is theirs. But it is not their choice to distract us. We will not allow that. Enough is enough. Now we have to be firm for what is clear.

So in short this is our way of dealing with poison. They go or we go. If they leave then we return. Meanwhile we continue working.
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Re: How Is A Person A Poison?

Postby red1 » Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:04 am

I am particularly pissed off by one type of expert contributor in our project who we may differ as to his quality of code, but that we can accept if he just not hide his other good code to leave us in a hole mostly trying to figure out what he is trying to code when he already had but making life difficult. When we ask him to upload, he will give the excuse that he is too busy to do so. Or when we ask for documentation, it is also lacking. When we ask that he review his own code, he screams at us that he has the right as we have to upload to trunk.

When we ask him to help us to review it, he will lecture us about how he won't make money this way. That he is not doing a charity. Or strangle our necks on how does he make money when everyone is downloading his code. I often tells him to just leave the open source world and go back to the proprietary world or find one.

But these people are smart. They know that the proprietary world is a much harder turf for them to swim in. So my last advice to them is please do not ever mix money talk with code talk. If you want to make money we are not stopping you. In fact they reminded me of Kathy Pink in Compiere forums that kept asking people to pay support fees if they want faster support. If you do not want to support just do not support. It is like setting up an orphanage in Myanmar and telling people that if they don't get money they won't feed the children. Jeeeezzz.
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