Right and Wrong in a Bazaar

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Right and Wrong in a Bazaar

Postby globalqss » Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:34 am

This is answer on adempiere forums on the Collecting Adempiere-Domains
https://sourceforge.net/projects/adempi ... ic/4414949

Copied here to preserve it in case of deletion there.


Hi community,

Is unfair to mix in the same bag the known abusers of domains with the honest trustees that have never abused of those.

This is behavior of a known abuser redirecting a country domain to a business company.
Screenshot of http://www.adempiere.com.mx redirecting to e-evolution site:

It cannot be compared with an honest trial to create a country community - even if it is still unsuccessful.
Screenshot of http://www.adempiere.com.co redirecting to a country community site:

Don't push too hard guys, you're not the bastion of morality - returning something abused is not the same as protecting something during four years.


Carlos Ruiz
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Re: Right and Wrong in a Bazaar

Postby red1 » Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:57 am

When i first started Red1.org/forum it grew slowly and eventually did hit some modest success. Of course conducting the ADempiere forking debate is a watershed. Now, today it seems to be a repeat of the old story. I guess the flavour of the year is revolutions. :)

What Carlos put forth here is important. There are those who take domains and point it to their own businesses. That will drive away developers who contribute and share hoping that their contributions are not thwarted to someone's business interests. I remember one issue before was the same issue. A commercial company wanted to contribute but they also want to control the brand of the ZKAjax interface. That time it was protested by some top developer who contributed a lot including the ZK Ajax UI without pointing things to his company. Thus we side with merit and not business thinking.

Thus there needs to be a separation between businesses and the control of community assets such as the brand and the domains. When the ABC (adempiereconsultants.com was formed it was again about business and it drove again our top contributor away this time very seriously as he completely put his project work elsewhere. ABC even made claims they have USD25 thousand when they do not. It was a marketing ploy. That is dangerous as now the ADempiere project, which was a fork away from such trickery is now associated exactly with such trickery.

When we first started i was aware of such a potential conflict and thus have strive to build a clean community away from Compiere that time. When i was reviewed by others in the community and trusted to head the forking debate, i was given the mandate to choose the forking name and the URLs, letting Carlos choose the name "ADempiere" and then holding http://www.adempiere.com. My intent from that time on has always been clear. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus i refuse to hold on and gave the other URLs away.

As i am more interested in the community i choose to retain http://www.adempiere.org instead as an outpost of the bazaar, and let the more powerful http://www.adempiere.com to the best person that time, out of sincerety, goodwill and leading by example.

Since Carlos Ruiz has never abused it, i have no reason to doubt him. In fact he offered to give it to ADeV and i discouraged him as i do not want power to be centralised until a time when there is a real crisis, we have no check and balance left. At that time where can the community turn to?

In ADeV, anyone who has money can be on the board and have more voting rights. Large giants out to destroy FOSS challenges such as ours will think of buying up the rights through the board, and we cannot stop that.

Those who sponsored ABC are close to the board now since before this they never had the chance when we outvoted them. Now they can influence decisions and enforce things arbitrarily. Of course they say, they conduct elections before doing so. But the sudden and recent unannounced removal of my admin rights was not done with proper elections nor even a courtesy email sent to me. I do not mind if they do not respect me as Founding Leader but at least assure me that this is not done arbitrarily, and without proper discussion with someone in the board. I like to see the minutes or talk to a witness to understand why suddenly my admin rights are removed. Is it fear of me? Have i deleted anyone else admin rights without authority?

Yes, Carlos Ruiz has, but he explained it in writing and it was to safeguard the trunk's stability. And he retracted himself as PMC Head and surrender admin rights to ADeV's chairman that time as arbitrator. He has quit before as PMC head allowing elections to be held. And he refused to stand again. But it was ADeV chairman that time asking that he be reelected, as Carlos Ruiz is undoubtedly the best person for the job. He always ensure stability and compatibility of the trunk. He also side with lay users more than techie developers who wish to put in complicated code that either does not work or will make the end-users suffer and thus solely dependant on that developer, and thus a 'marketing' effect or lock-in is effectively created.

We do not want that to happen and Carlos Ruiz was the best person proven to have done that faithfully for more than 4 years. As a reward for him, marketeer elements within our community chose to accuse him of many things, none of which are proven and in fact admitted to be false and retracted. But Carlos Ruiz is not a politician and he does not know how to play politics. He calls a spade a spade. In return, the rest of us must also be able to see light from dark - white from black. An evil dictator does not resign, nor resigned twice as Carlos Ruiz did.

Now we are faced with a danger and there are facts he has put out that the other side will not admit but find ways to subjugate these assets from those who are asked to protect them and has protected them in the first place.

Trustees of domains must sign a declaration of their intent to serve the community if they are not the ones been asked to hold such trust in the first place. Many have booked our URLs and clearly making money out of it unethically. Those are the ones that ADeV should go after. Not those who has no power left except the love of the community.

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