Deleted WIKI on Compiere

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Deleted WIKI on Compiere

Postby red1 » Sat Sep 09, 2006 6:59 pm

I m now WIKI man Red1 D Oon. But since WIKIing is totally new to me (now that i know) my posts kept getting disqualified. Here is one that got deleted and i have to move it indoors here.
First Mover Advantage
Perhaps the greatest achievement of Compiere is not so much in its source codes which is getting mixed reviews in its forums, but its [[first mover advantage]] to put out such a large business application suite before others, in SourceForge]. There it remarkably became the Project of the Month of February 2004, sat in the top ten list for the longest almost unbroken streak ever for a business application, from March, 2002 till May, 2006 when it suddenly seems to tater relatively behind ever since. It still enjoy relatively little competition even though having been in the limelight since 2002. The only possible competition it seems, is from itself - namely opportunistic forkings by others that look for loopholes within its licensing. With no original and formidable extra contender challenging its pole position, ComPiere Inc, its commercial patron, recently received some funding and has moved to San Francisco, and embarked on a resource expansion plan that both Open Source users and developers as well as proprietary players are watching closely.

One Size Fits All
A common pitfall that have made so many attempts at deploying Compiere to commercial sites challenging and uncertain, is the horizontal nature of Compiere where many users are only interested in their respective industry verticals and peculiarities which Compiere couldn't completely fit perfectly unless it undergo some customizations. That can be daunting as its Java and SQL what more on [[Oracle database]] arcitecture is of high quality and may be too complex for the common developer level. Its more of a market educaton issue rather than Compiere's fault that many first time users thought of Compiere as the magic wand that fits all and solves all. Standard project management path still applies which means an allowance of ample, qualified and experienced resource for a comfortable mid-size total ERP implementation.

Subject Matter Factor
Its thus a question more of subject matter expertise rather than coding knowledge that determines a better chance of success with Compiere. Rightfully Jorg Janke has mentioned in his site that knowing what goes where and does what is 90% of the challenge and the codes only makes up the remaining 10%. Since Compiere owners and real committers do not reveal comprehensively enough subject matter documentation of their inner workings, much of the figuring out of Compiere's subtle business rules are left to 3rd party independent developers effort, and experience. Among which, red1's forums and tutorials to assist are well known.
The deleting judgement:
Your edits to Compiere
Hello! You recently added a large amount of new material to Compiere. There's unquestionably good information in there. The problem is that it's not credited to any sources. Wikipedia articles must maintain a neutral point of view. It's generally okay for a Wikipedia article on X to say "Joe So-and-so has said that X is the greatest thing since sliced bread"; it's almost never okay for the article to just say "X is the greatest thing since sliced bread". That's making the article itself take a position on its subject, rather than saying what relevant people's positions on the subject are; and that's a line that it's very important that Wikipedia articles don't cross.

Also, you inserted a rather prominent plug for what appears to be your website into the article. When you do that without discussing it first, it will cause many Wikipedia editors to be very skeptical of your motives; many people come to Wikipedia trying to promote themselves or their websites rather than trying to improve the encyclopedia.

You've clearly intelligent and have good writing skills, so I very much hope you decide to stay; but please have a look at Wikipedia policies like Wikipedia:Neutral point of view, Wikipedia:No original research, and Wikipedia:Vanity guidelines#Citing oneself, to make sure that your edits don't cause too much unrest. :) Kickaha Ota 05:17, 9 September 2006 (UTC)
My quilty plea:
Thanks for the advice. I agree and accept fully the explanations of the delete. I will think more deeply thru and try again some time later. I have intent of going other subjects of interest to get a hang of it first. Thanks again. Red1 D Oon 10:52, 9 September 2006 (UTC)

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Hmm... do i sound like a rebel, creating unrest and destabilising to a nation? :twisted:
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Postby red1 » Sat Sep 09, 2006 8:35 pm

From the discussion tab on the Adempiere post. Reposted here as its doomed for beheading there:
This subject of Open Source projects and community forking is both sensitive and relatively new that often advocates for and against the OS movement find confusion over 2 of its semantics:

1) That Open Source is speaking more of utility applications such as Operating Systems and Databases, whereas with the appearance of Compiere ERP/CRM these few years have proven to be characteristic potential of the disruptive web, as it reaches the pinnacle of the value chain.

2) That Open Source is a popular marketing ploy by vendors to first popularize their software and then closing it away to reap the benefits of their low cost branding effort. Its my contention that such a strategy doesn't necessarily mean wealth. Look at Google's rise that didnt use the advertising space it carries as opposed to Yahoo!. Remaining more free seemingly proves more wealth. Remaining forever free must then mean unlimited wealth.

This thesis is now put into its trials with yet another historic fork that Adempiere may represent.

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