ProjectGenPO doesnt pass value to PO - old BUG ver250d

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ProjectGenPO doesnt pass value to PO - old BUG ver250d

Postby red1 » Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:03 pm

solved by pitfung

IN ORG.COMPIERE.PROCESS.PROJECTGENPO.JAVA, look for the following lines and intro the part between //adding --

if (order == null) // create new Order
// Vendor
MBPartner bp = new MBPartner (getCtx(), po.getC_BPartner_ID());

// New Order
order = new MOrder (getCtx (), 0);
order.setClientOrg (projectLine.getAD_Client_ID (), projectLine.getAD_Org_ID ());
order.setIsSOTrx (false);
order.setBPartner (bp);
order.setC_DocTypeTarget_IDR ();

//adding -- Project_id and Campaign_id to Purchase Order
MProject project = new MProject (getCtx(), m_C_Project_ID);
//adding -- END
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