Two sets of Account Element for Same Client

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Two sets of Account Element for Same Client

Postby limek » Wed Jun 14, 2006 1:54 pm

Hi All,

During initial setup, I loaded US Standard COA to my new client.
Then, after that I imported my own standard of COA to my account element. That importation was not successful, until I created the new element tree.

After that, I went to de-activate the previous account element. Also, I went to update all the default accounts for my own account element. Everything seems fine until recently.

When I tried to create financial reports Balance Sheet and Income Statement, there are some accounts that cannot be dispalyed (it shows 0 value or blank). So, I print out the Trial Balance and Accounting Fact. I found that all the accounts are actually captured.

Next, I went to check from database in Oracle EM. Surprisingly, I saw 2 account ids for same account value. (for example, 41000-sales of goods having 2 id 1000012 & 1000632 respectively). And the worst is both of the id also appear in the accounting fact table.

Thus, my question is how to rectify this issue?
Or I should redo from the very beginning?

Anyone has any idea?? Please help.

Million thanks in advance.

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