View Monthly Revenue with Trial Balance or Statement of Acc.

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View Monthly Revenue with Trial Balance or Statement of Acc.

Postby limek » Wed Jun 14, 2006 10:13 am

Hi All,

Version 2.53a
with Oracle 10gR2
in SUSE 9.0.

I have this situation here:
I tried to generate a P & L report using the Report Line & Column. When generating report, all the Segment Values can come out except Revenue.

Then, I go to Financial Reporting -> Trial Balance. I select a period and view all accounts, all the accounts detail with posted figure shown accordingly, including Revenue, Expenses, Assets....

However, if I select a period and select a particular account code (in this case "Sales of Goods"), it shows nothing. And I notice that it just cannot show the "Revenue" accounts.

Then, I also double check from my customer invoice, they are actually posted to my "Sales of Goods" account.

My question is how to show the Revenue/Sales accounts? Why it shows "posted to Sales of Goods" in Invoice Customer but it shows nothing in my Report Line?

Anyone can help me to get through this?

I have checked through the Account Element few times, it seems no problem at all.

And I checked the default accounts also, can't find any hints to solve the problem.

But, I still wonder why when I try to view all transactions (means never filter any account code) from Trial Balance, Statement of Account and Acc. Fact, I can see all account transactions, including "Sales of Goods-41000".

Then, if I try to filter or just select the above account code, it will show nothing for the same period I choose?

Logically, if the posting from Invoice shows the account code, means the transaction has already gone into that particular account. Correct?

Secondly, when I view the transaction records with no filter of account code, it shows all the transactions. Then, if I select the particular account code, it shows nothing. This is something I feel wired. It is not logic at all....... what do you think?

Lastly, can anyone tell what's the table name for the account posting? Or how to view the account posting table records from Oracle?

Just want to check from DB level, maybe the value stored is not correct.


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Postby red1 » Sun Sep 03, 2006 11:04 am

The table in Compiere DB that houses the posted account entries is FACT_ACCT.

The source codes that handled its posting are Doc_*.javas. The debugging of them require the steps in .
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