Reverse-Correct - Posting & WorkFlow Confirm stopper

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Reverse-Correct - Posting & WorkFlow Confirm stopper

Postby bobbydada » Fri Apr 01, 2005 9:22 pm

Hi red1 and lofx,
I understand that reverse -correct and void are the facilities given to the user by which he can reverse the accounting entries made wrongly, i.e the invoices and the payments.
I have created an invoice and a ARpayment is made against that invoice and then I reverse-correct both the things first the payment and then the invoice, but I see that the transactions are still there in the balance sheet. Is that something I am missing ?
though it was good for one of the invoices I had reversed previously, but that too not instantly but after some time i.e. after posting 2-3 more invoices , does it means that it takes some time to reverse the entries ?

secondly when I press the reverse-correct button in the payment it says

Active workflow for this record exists: (complete first)
running (DocAuto) (SuperUser)

what does it means ? Is this connected with the transactions not reversed?
I am using Compiere 252a

I am not an accountant and therefore I have got a loads of questions, some of them may be absurd, but please do not mind coz I am relying on U guys and the wonderful forum we have got in here.
thanks and regards
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Postby red1 » Sun Sep 03, 2006 10:52 am

Reverse Correct often works and i have not come across any bug before. I also dont believe it will ever be, as this is crucial to the well being of the accounting engine.

To be sure u got your Financial Report rite, first view from the Account Viewer (somewhere at the top menu bar pull down of the Compiere Main Window), and u must see those reverse entries posted.

When they dont get posted first time, its due to the JBoss service timing itself. They usually post at controlled intervals and u shouldnt bother with it, as it often post whenever u revisit the system.

Using JBoss is critical here as it ensures performance as accts posting MUST always work well.

About getting a Confirmation notice during Documents processing, this is due to the WorkFlow engine setup. U have to turn confirmation off, or check who is the User to process that confirmation. This is somewhat uncertain or bit messy with many parts involved that u need practice with many WorkFlow tests to figure it entirely.

Neil Gordon of South Africa has posted a tutorial howto in the Contributor's forum (i think) about WorkFlow.
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