Multidimentional Accounting

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Multidimentional Accounting

Postby azaharizaman » Tue Feb 01, 2005 4:35 pm

Hi there,

I am working on Compiere Implementation on one of the client company that is project based. Most of the accounting entries(GL) are related to project (I can say all of the accounting entries are project related). I am also aware of the multis that is one of the many great features of Compiere. But I have this questions, How does Compiere really support multidimentional accounting?? After seraching through this forum, i found out that the element window can be use to setup a new accounting elements(or dimension) but unfortunately, when i try to create a new tree for this new dimension that i am about to create, it only gives me a list of the already existed dimensions/trees type (window:Tree>Tree>Type|Area). How if i want to have a new tree type for my new dimension??

Take for example, I need to setup project as my first element and Task (new element) as the second element. and each GL entries must have a valid project and task. How is this done then.

Many thanks in advance for any reply, and forgive me if this is not an accounting issue, but i just dont know where else to post.
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