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2Pack(Fixed Asset) fails

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:43 pm
by aries211
Hi all.

I've tested 2pack(Fixed Asset) , but I met some problems:

Command: sh ./

1 [java] 03:14:48.641 Nothing changed - A_Depreciation_Table_Detail
[java] -----------> GenericPO.set_ValueNoCheck: A_Depreciation_Table_Detail_ID - Class invalid: class java.lang.String, Should be class java.lang.Integer: 1001322

2 [java] 03:16:55.980 X_AD_Role.saveNew: AD_Role - AD_Role_ID=1000000
[java] 03:16:56.691 DB.getSQLValue: No Value SELECT AD_Window_ID FROM AD_Window WHERE Name= ? - Param1=Packages Installed
[java] 03:16:56.739 MIssue.create: Insert INTO AD_Window_Access(AD_Client_ID, AD_Org_ID, CreatedBy, UpdatedBy, AD_Role_ID, AD_Window_ID, isActive, isReadWrite) VALUES( 0, 0, 0, 0, 1000000, -1, 'Y', 'Y') [null]

The values are 0, so I met integrate constraint for the program cannot find the foreign key.

3 [java] 04:36:14.129 MIssue.saveNew: AD_Issue - AD_Issue_ID=1000007
[java] ===========> PackIn.startElement: SQLSatement
[java] java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement
[java] ; State=42000; ErrorCode=900
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.DatabaseError.throwSqlException(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer.processError(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4C8Oall.receive(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CPreparedStatement.doOall8(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CPreparedStatement.execute_for_rows(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleStatement.doExecuteWithTimeout(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.executeInternal(
[java] at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.executeUpdate(
[java] at org.compiere.util.CPreparedStatement.executeUpdate(
[java] at PackInHandler.startElement(Unknown Source)
[java] at org.apache.crimson.parser.Parser2.maybeElement(
[java] at org.apache.crimson.parser.Parser2.content(
[java] at org.apache.crimson.parser.Parser2.maybeElement(
[java] at org.apache.crimson.parser.Parser2.parseInternal(
[java] at org.apache.crimson.parser.Parser2.parse(
[java] at org.apache.crimson.parser.XMLReaderImpl.parse(
[java] at javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser.parse(
[java] at javax.xml.parsers.SAXParser.parse(
[java] at PackIn.importXML(Unknown Source)
[java] at PackIn.main(Unknown Source)

My System is: gentoo
jdk: sun-jdk-
oracle 10g

Thanks in advance

Best Regards!
aries :(

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 7:27 pm
by afalcone
Hi aries,

I believe that you should be the post in the OSLabs forum. ... &Itemid=26

Rob can help you with this error surely.

Kind regards


PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 10:22 am
by aries211
Thanks for your kind suggestion, afalcone :D