Few queries about Compiere

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Few queries about Compiere

Postby mdsahni » Sat Sep 09, 2006 5:04 pm

Hey Red,


We've got one requirement for implementing Compiere and have asked to provide certain features. I wanted to have your view on whether these features are avaibale in Compiere and if not how can we customise/develop [brief idea]:

1. Is it possible to proceed with invoicing without pre-defined price list?

2. Does the system perform monthly revaluation of trade debtors, trade creditors & foreign cash balances?

3. There is one case in our company when there is a new title, we will create a article code for the book i.e ISBN
- Before a book is publish, all expenses related to the book will be charge to an account known as WIP. Subsequently, when the book is completed, we will transfer from WIP to stock. Any suggestion for this?

4. Does the system cater to periodic fulfillment of long term contract?
- Eg. 2-Year-Contract of contractual sum $24M (Qn: Is the 'Contract
Sum' Info captured and tracked?)
Customers cut a PO every quarterly value say $3M --> I suppose this is 'Sales Order' info in Compiere

We supply this ordered quantity per PO but do monthly invoicing eg $1M.
The implications are firstly, can there be Multiple Invoicing for 1 Sales Order; and I Invoice for Multiple Sales Order (when a monthly invoice crosses a quarter and combines 2 PO)?

5. Can the system perform credit limit checks for the same customer across companies? If yes, how does the system handle different currency type by different companies to the same customer?

6. Is PO number system-generated? If yes, can there be different set of numbers catering to decentralised purchasing eg one set of sequence no. for purchasing materials; one for consumables; another for stationery and yet another for purchasing service?

7. How does system handle materials purchased and received immediately for processing i.e. bypassing storage at the warehouse.

8. Is the system able to cater for consignment stocks.

9. Can the system (Accounts Receivable) support a subscription scheme(Advance payment) or deposit scheme?
- we have some customers who pay us a deposit upfront for servicing their orders. The deposit requires a top-up if the amount falls below a trigger point.

Thanx in avance.

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Postby red1 » Sat Sep 09, 2006 6:39 pm

In essence and in general the system can be tweaked to handle all the requirements raised. Many of the answers are in previous forums and generally from SoureForge. U shuld research and post here all the answers.

1) Yes. U can start with a zero price list, and key in the pricing during SO.

2) Shuld be in some kind of report generation part of the system

3) Project (Order) post accounts to WIP (project assets) and project expenses specifically.

4) U said it

5) Yes. There is Credit Status in BP record, and multi-currency is an embedded feature.

6. Yes. Not clear if u may need to use different DocTypes which is messy. Otherwise an extra number that need some coding to do that.

7. Thru POS Sales Order Type

8. Answered long ago somewhere. Not sure to its exact details. Go find it.

9. Most likely. Top up list can be coded sepearately to feed a list.
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Postby mdsahni » Sun Sep 10, 2006 9:36 pm

Thanx for your replies Red. Sure I'll do my own research and will post my findings!!

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