The Ying and Yang of Open Source - my letter to Peter Shen

Before you even think of trying Compiere. What you should worry about. What are the issues? These are stuff that our prospects and clients went through. No holds barred. We tell it like it is.

The Ying and Yang of Open Source - my letter to Peter Shen

Postby red1 » Sun Sep 19, 2004 8:24 am

This is my comment in Peter Shen's . In it i address some real market concerns why we have to have it Open 8)

Shen Xin Xan (Master),
Ni How!
This is great work. And since China is the Killer Market of Clear and Present Imminence, you shall have the most prosperous pond! *haha*

And you yourself making your bit Open Source is commendable.

I just want to touch a bit on your project sponsor of still thinking twice whether or not to make things Open Source.

I understand this issue, as i deal with such people on a daily basis. Many have the attitude that if they put some effort or cost into a project, they should charge others to cover their investment.

They are not aware that there are so many other sustainment costs after that. For example, marketing the product, testing it, getting people to promote it, improving it, answering bugs, bringing it to market faster than others, protecting others of copying their idea, etc. All these add up to so much cost that if they have given it away, they would have covered all those issues, and get bigger contracts to do a better improvement of their product and thus brand themselves among established players or even the world OSS community.

Well, maybe they think its easy to become a brand. Everyone knows that a brand is expensive and when your brand is famous, you become expensive.

When its open no one can dare to copy and hide your name - for they can get ridiculed easily, they have to start from zero to brand again which is stupid and waste of time. Also by doing that it gives you intelligence as to what can happen to your product and how to imporve it further from others experiments. Thus u dont use your own money for that experiment. I believe Sun Tze and Lao Tze taught so much of this that i laugh when some one tries to charge and steal my ideas. I wont bore u of what has happened to them.

Thick Face Black Heart goes well with the fast and frank business attitude among westerners. The Open Source marries that in a harmonious Ying and Yang.

Let me focus on your situation for example. Let's say in the near future, your chinese translation is downloaded all over China's industrial sector. I bet lots of people will become so involved and impressed that even if a 2% of them attend your training course or presentation, you will have a full hall. And you should give the initial short presentation for free. This is because so many people are so ignorant of your new art and compiere. Then they will request you to be one a coach or consultancy basis where you can charge a expartriate rate.

This is because of two main reasons, that leads to more reasons.

1) Compiere is an ERP system. Which means its very complex and complicated.

2) It is applied in multi-million dollar base. Which is unlike an OS which sits on one desktop. And ERP sits across the business. If it fails, a million dollar is lost, so to speak.

3) Contracts to implement it will have to be well insured against loss or risks. You are a pioneer there, thats your brand. Your name is in Compilo, and in the sourceforge forums, you have proven you can help many others. You become the insurance.

4) You as a compiere open source personality in china will have to be on the consultants list. If people don't see your name there, their project becomes questionable, if its large, and in China, they dont have Peter Shen?

5) Since you are Open Source too, you have the support of other OSS advocates like Marco or me. Thus you can borrow our names too as a party of consultants to further buffer the insurance of implementing it right in big installations. Also Marco and me has our own Compiere networks.

6) Thus most importantly you need not worry, and focus instead on your part in Compiere, further improving your knowledge and skills to the point that you are the sifu. You now have time to do it. You need not worry about a big office. I operate from home with broadband its enough. I need not have a lawyer, a marketing man, a technical team, etc. I got it all here among people like u.

We believe in sharing. Thats why we know each other. I respect your work in Compilo, which leads me to join it too. And so now we are three. Soon there will be more. In fact there is more behind us.

I been a chinese myself will want to give you support in one way another.

If you like to work together more, pls send me email so that we can exchange notes and then publish some project here particular to the far east market.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this.

May the Italian name continue what our ancestors have with Marco Polo a long time ago.

red1 (wen bau xin - my birth name)
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Re: The Ying and Yang of Open Source - my letter to Peter Sh

Postby pshen » Thu Sep 30, 2004 7:18 pm

Hi RedHuan,
This is Peter Shen. Forgive me for replying so late.
thank you for your comments, and your work is really respectable.
Yes, open source is a good idea, and sharing makes us improved.
open source is not only the source code, more important is the sharing of knowledge, experiences. now you are making it.

Peter shen
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