Sign On the Dotted Line

Before you even think of trying Compiere. What you should worry about. What are the issues? These are stuff that our prospects and clients went through. No holds barred. We tell it like it is.

Sign On the Dotted Line

Postby In Deep » Sun Oct 23, 2005 2:26 pm

So where do you start with setting up a ERP system like Compiere?

Find a developer/integrator and draw up an agreement/contract to set up the system for you? Test out some competitive projects? Develop a budget and write some requirements for what you are looking for?

I definately have my own opinions on the subject and before I start talking, I'm curious to hear some other thoughts first (don't get to used to me listening before talking :-). How much preparation would you recommend before implementing a Compiere system? How would you go about? What would you tell someone who was considering?

Talk to you soon.
In Deep
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Postby Enrique » Mon Oct 24, 2005 1:32 pm

Hi In Deep,

After going through a rough experience myself implementing Compiere for a couple of Companies lucky for me these two companies are in the technology business and they are pretty much aware of the learning curve of new technology paradigms such the ERP for the medium sized business, I would definitely look forward to do it much better the next time a Implement Compiere for a new client.

But going into your subject and looking backwards from my previous experience I know can clearly define 5 milestones/stages for a Project of this kind:

1. Analysis of Requirements/Diagnosis Stage
2. Instalation, Configuration, Customization, Programming Stage
3. Training/Knowledge transfer stage
4. Data Migration Stage
5. Going Live Stage

I also think these stages are interdependent among themselves but some how you have to define a procedural approach to it, in a way that the project can be clearly organized for the customer's team and also from the consultant's perspective.

So far these are some of my thoughts I would definitely like to know some of your thoughts too.


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