about costing

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about costing

Postby hema » Thu Sep 29, 2005 10:32 pm


If somebody has some ideas about the following matter, I will be very grateful to you if he/she could share them with me please.

When we sell the Compiere program to a customer, do we need to register each sale to Compiere? Do we also need to change the Database License Option provided by Compiere? How is it done normally?

Thank you very much.

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Postby lofx » Thu Sep 29, 2005 11:03 pm


I guess you didn't probably mean what you wrote, and it was just a generic form of speaking, but you CANNOT sell compiere to anyone. Compiere is an Open Source tool, program, software, call it as you like, but do not forget the Open Source part.
Thus, you can download compiere in any computer of the world and put it into production. You can also charge a customer for the services related to downloading, installing and setting up compiere, and any customization you make, provided that any code you create is released under open Source form and complying with the compiere license.

From this point of view, you of course do not need to stablish, in principle any kind of relation with compiere inc.
As regards the database, you may choose oracle, or using as from version 2.5.2, and if it all works as broadcast, use any opensource DB such as sybase, PostGre SQL and so on.

Hope this has clarified the issue a little bit.

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Postby afalcone » Sat Oct 01, 2005 1:50 am

Hi Hema,

As it says Lofx, you cannot sell Compiere to its client; you if can sell him his services of implementation and consulting of Compiere.
You in reality his know-how he sells him on Compiere, not the product. Compiere is Open Source software and by definition is free. His services could not be it :wink:

Best Regards

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Postby red1 » Sun Oct 02, 2005 8:33 am

Both of u answered more better than me ;)

Hema, u do not need to register or do anything that is not stated in the compiere site or partner agreement that u may have with ComPiere Inc. Its best to ask them for it, and if they dont say it, then u are free to proceed as every1 advised.

The only stuff u need are other licenses such as Oracle DB or Acrobat PDF but u have to ask them directly, cos their prices change but they are always going down and as i see it they are quite minimal compare to the whole package deal u can offer to your clients.

Its still hard to understand this, but u are actually just selling your time. The more quality u are, the more expensive your time.

In fact this forum here is not 'free'. To even call it 'free advertising' for Lofx or Alfacone or Hema or Red1 is an oxymoron. We spent lots of time to invest in 'costly advertising' and as a result we get prospects and business back from here.

Thus we do not charge any1 here is because we are putting it as advertising ourselves. That's why I dont allow free private email as that is chargeable. I only use private email for personal and prelim communication that leads to business deals.

Let's keep all exchange free but here. If we wish to make it offline and private then we decide whether it can be a deal where u pay the time of those ppl concerned.

Have a nice weekend.
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