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Who to Sell Compiere to

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 7:31 pm
by red1
From our many wise-up experiences, selling Compiere or any thing for that matter, is best done to the audience that matters - the Owner of the Company.

We still try to convince the CTO or even the CFO, on how much this will safe them money or make them look good. Heck! what makes them look good is that they already looked good and wouldnt want us to make them look bad.

Many of our deals were closed with business owners. Those who are decision makers as they decide based on their judgement that counts for themselves.

The experience we had with CFOs especially is that without great reference sites to show to their boards, they are not willing to take the risk and lose sleep. And Compiere dont have the upper hand in reference sites.

They can't see your codes processing and whatever talk you give about way java works sounded like greek plus javanese at one go.

Entrepreneurs have afinity to risks, they thrive in it to be successful. They probably will tell you their horror stories of money losing deals (And you better listen to those stories if you want to appear interested).

You don't have to hide anything, as the truth will hurt you when it is not on your side. But owners don't give a damn about whether Compiere is truthful or not. They can't even pronounce the name or worse remember that it is ERP. So there is one way to deal with this kind.

Recently we close a deal based on giving a money back guarantee! That clicks with the entrepreneur spirit. As the owner sees that risk is taken on both sides. Language that is accepted by the owner, not the rank and file.

Some think that a game of golf can close it. The answer is "yes!". So the product doesnt matter, relationship does. But the downside is that we arent in the relationship business and we arent good golfers either. The relations guys are those selling SAP, Oracle and JD! They are playing golf all day long, cos they can afford to from the fat perks selling fat software.

So golf is out. Some suggested 'sex appeal'. Heck! the answer is also 'yess!', but we arent pretty nor do some of us even know whats a comb or a necktie.

Face it. We re just a bunch of techies who believe in a mission. And no one else do. So the way forward is to support each other and corner the battlefield. This is something we can control and do.