A Strange Situation...! , Advt. Revenues....How to track?

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A Strange Situation...! , Advt. Revenues....How to track?

Postby john_cvs » Tue Dec 13, 2005 4:14 pm

Hi Everyone,

First of all i like to thank Red1 and Everyone contributing to this forum for doing the great job of helping programmers, biginers in compiere through this forum. :lol:

Here is my query its quite diff. but should be considered because it can be happen in real life senarios, we are facing problems to overcome this and need yous help......... :?:

Problem I was facing is that we got outlets of our organizations in various places from where we sell products [Beverages, Garments, etc.] of diff vendors [We are not in Production, just selling and earning margin on them] . We are provided with banners and hoardings of our vendors [ For Advertisement ] to be put in our outlets and for which they pay us. This income is different at diff. outlets and we want to track that at each of the outlet seperately. I am trying to this in Compiere but its not possible because its not considered in it, so even i m looking for a soln......... :roll:

Hope you will help me dealing with this situation, pls give me replies and suggestions because i really need those to get solution.

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