Compire lacks in real world situation

It is here where business functions and pains hits you in the face. Do we extend and weave requirements into Compiere? Or do we just tweak hardly a code with smart thinking and a full grasp of Compierology? You’ll see lots of both in making your business grow.

Compire lacks in real world situation

Postby armenrz » Tue Dec 13, 2005 11:57 am

Hi Red1, hi all,

I've been implementing Compiere for several sites this year. This comes from my experience that in many cases Compiere could not tackle a "real world" situation elegantly. The following is not an exhausted list.

1. Inventory Move between Warehouse should utilize Goods In Transit account (From Warehouse From loads to vehicle and discharge vehicle to Warehouse To)
2. AR Credit Memo should post to Return Sales account, not to be reversed post in order to distinguish them from Voided Invoice (or your accountant will distress)
3. In real world, Requisition and PO is not a 1:1 relationships. It's more like N:N.
4. Lack of voucher print-out in Cash Journal
5. Insensitive of showing price in Shipment/Material Receipt (e.g. in Sales Order Line combobox). This can be done easily by modifying the Identifier though.
6. Need a bulk entry/pick of Attribute Set Instance
7. Flexible Account default derivation.
E.g. Product Asset can be derived from Product or Warehouse, Product Revenue can be derived from Product or Business Partner, etc.
8. Unearned Revenue handling not by product, but by sales type.

We have developed solution for some of them. However, I would like to hear what you are thinking. Thanks,

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RE: Compire lacks in real world situation

Postby john_cvs » Tue Dec 13, 2005 3:57 pm

Hi armenrz

Thats the good points u figured out but many of them can be solved by little modifications, but still its a tough task to do. Even i faced same problems in some of those cases.
in case 7. same problem i was facing is that we got outlets of our organisations in various places from where we sell products [Breverage, Garments, etc.] of diff vendors[ We are not in Production, just selling and earning com'n] . We are provided with banners and hordings of our vendors to be put in our outlets and for which they pay us. I am tring to this in compiere but its not possible because its not considered in it, so even i m looking for a soln...

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Postby moyses » Thu Dec 15, 2005 6:10 am

Well, I agree with you. And I would another situation:

a) You can not share a warehouse between organizations and using material movement is not the best (practical) way to do it!.

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Postby john_cvs » Sat Dec 17, 2005 3:35 pm

Ya thats true but till this date that is only the way to do this...! :cry: , i am looking for solution on this if i get something i will let you know.

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