Compiere Cookbook Examples?

It is here where business functions and pains hits you in the face. Do we extend and weave requirements into Compiere? Or do we just tweak hardly a code with smart thinking and a full grasp of Compierology? You’ll see lots of both in making your business grow.

Compiere Cookbook Examples?

Postby MadMartigan » Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:56 pm

Hi Everyone,

(Red1, thank you very much for running this informative web site, it has helped me with a lot of questions.)

I'm new to Compiere. I've purchased the Compiere documentation, I've read many of the posts on this site as well as the sourceforge site, and I have read the Compilo document.

I have a question / suggestion regarding Compiere functionality and I wanted to get peoples feedback on it. Let me start by giving a little background information.

All of the Compiere resources can help with specific questions and issues, but none of them (that I have found) give an example of an "average day" or "Cookbook examples" at company XYZ. My idea is that it may save new users a lot of time if there were a few, very compact, "average-day-scenario" examples for simple companies in various industries. As an example...

Company "XYZ" is a simple Ecommerce company. They only sell items through their web page to the retail public. They do not sell wholesale. They have two employees, the first is the owner (Susan) who handles all of the office work, the second is the employee (Ted) who handles all of the shipping, receiving and warehouse work.

An average work day at XYZ may look like this....

On Monday morning the owner (Susan) arrives and wants to see how many order the web site took during the weekend. Susan brings up the "[some compiere window or report]" screen this report tells her how many orders are pending. She then brings up "[some compiere window or report]" to check profit margin on sales for the month.

Susan does her ordering with her distributors and manufacturers on Monday so she runs the "[some compiere window or report]" to generate her Purchase orders.

In the warehouse....

Ted brings up the "[some compiere window or report]" screen to start processing pending orders.

etc, etc, etc....

I'm not sure if this would be any help to new users of Compiere, but this is the type of information I was looking for when I was trying to figure out how all of Compieres screens worked together. Any suggestions? Do people think this sort of document would be helpful or two cumbersome?
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Postby trifon » Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:21 pm


Your idea is very good. I needed such examples when i started working with Compiere and i think that such examples will be very useful.

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I think it is a good idea

Postby neilg » Fri Mar 10, 2006 10:24 am

I also found when I started Compiere I couldn't tell the front end from the back end so your idea is great.

I normally create documentation now if I need to do a discovrey excercise then I post it somewhere. There are some docs on a workflow document (technical) and a document giving some background on the GL.

I wonder if they shouldn't publish all the documentation (authors willing) on Compilo because we need somewhere to consolidate the docs in one place.

The Compiere 'manual' isn't great. I think they really want you to do their technical training. Thats how they make their money.[/url]
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Postby red1 » Thu Apr 06, 2006 11:14 am

Exactly, Mad... thats why i created the tutorials based on my real life experiences and wrote them the way i wrote them.

The humour that i infuse into them was to lighten the pain i felt along the learning curve.

My very first experience with Compiere is almost similar to Neil's, if not worse. When i launched the Compiere window 3 years ago trying to show off to an accountant friend, i was unable to show a Sales Order. I unwittingly logged into the System Administrator role.
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