Requisition for new product

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Requisition for new product

Postby benny » Thu Sep 02, 2004 2:48 pm

My thoughts for purchase requisition is that it's good to use for existing products but not that viable for new products. If you let the requester create the new product, it may let to security breach. Out idea is that only the purchaser and sales personnel can gain access to the product master. The requisition window line has descriptions which allows requester to fill in the description/model of new product.

However, i think 2.51e doesn't link the requisition back to purchase order. I'm wondering if this is in the pipeline because user will want to track the status of these requisition and the action taken.

How my team handle this part is to create a window to generate PO from requisition. The window can handle both new product and existing products. The PO generated will also show the description of new products in the description. It's up to the buyer to decide who and what to buy then. We also have a PR-PO report that does the tracking. We'll publish that in the near future.

If you guys know more about purchase requisition or have other ways to track PR-PO, pls share so that we can all learn.

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