It is here where business functions and pains hits you in the face. Do we extend and weave requirements into Compiere? Or do we just tweak hardly a code with smart thinking and a full grasp of Compierology? You’ll see lots of both in making your business grow.


Postby red1 » Wed Aug 04, 2004 8:48 pm

When we purchase something, often freebies are bundled in. Let’s say we have our mom-pop and me store. Suppliers often compete with each other by giving you freebies. Buy-one-carton-get-one-miserable-toothbrush-free. Wow, you say, that’s good! But how do you put those items into your purchase order? How will you put them in your sales orders? How will they be costed?
Our accountant, finally thought out a solution. “Make a separate orderline for that item but with a 100% discount. They will be booked at zero price, but COGS is still standard, try it!”. OK, you did, and Compiere hits a bug. The accountant says “Damn!”. We say “Yummy!”. So here is a step by step tutorial that begins from the bug moment to the ‘plugged’ moment – with every foreplay captured as we will be learning Eclipse in my raunchy way! Hardcore Content! Enter only if you are over 18!

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