importring eMail

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importring eMail

Postby der_bonner » Thu Dec 16, 2004 12:49 am

Dear all,

hey - now (even if I'm too lazy to praize red1 in his guestbook) I come to see and win...

The manuals presented by red1 are really fantastic and even if I have not the slightest idea of sql or programming java I managed to get COmpiere running and also tried out the callout scripting :-)

But know a major problem raised..... :-(

I know (and my boss feels very comfortable with that) that Compiere's request processing also sends automatic generated emails.

Has anybody an idea how to get Compiere to handle also incomming emails. I do not really care about the mailserver to be used - but I would like some things to be possible.....

An incomming mail should be first of all directed to the corresponding user. For emails reaching a general "helpdesk" an escalation process should be possible.

And last but not least I would really appreciate to store the mails according to topic and/or business partner....

Folks, what do think - anybody there with an idea how to handle that?

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Postby lofx » Thu Dec 16, 2004 5:53 pm


we also needed e-mail integration for our app, and checked extensively the request features and so on.

with requests, you can send e-mails to the other users, if properly set up, though you have to be careful abut the frequency rate of those mails, once i had my server sending me mails every second!!!! quite annoying!!!

but, if you want "outer users" to send e-mail to compiere app, that is a different story altogether, currently there is nothing of the sort, you may need to create a new module or try to integrate some amil server with the compiere, and create a link say in the web app, to enter that third party app........

let me know what you think about this......
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new module....

Postby der_bonner » Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:50 pm

OK - so far - and thanx for the reply....

the way of sending emails I understood and it's fine (so far)

But as I have just NO idea of programming I'm a bit stuck now...

What can I do to get a "new module" to allow outer users to send mails to compiere.? Maybe here's someone around to do something like this... (and to be paid for???)

what do you think?
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Postby lofx » Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:54 pm


For sending e-mails to compiere, let us be realistic............. it would be better if you integrated some other tool that would be accessed from the Compiere "enviroment", i.e., from index.html in the compiere web page........................

Other possibility is to wait until a kind soul does contribute with it to the open source bazaar, but I don't know up to what extend this is a real need for average compiere users.

your third option, if you really need it know would be to contact a consulting firm that is offering Compiere customizations, and they would give you a quotation of the project (and the real possibility of the project).
Take into account that what you are asking for is hard, so it might be expensive..................

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Postby red1 » Fri Dec 17, 2004 9:05 am

Hi bonner,
Dont pay Lofx too much! :P

But seriously i will encourage some monetary grants here and there for the hard work Lofx does to make the world a more productive place.

But dont worry Lofx. One day someone somewhere will reward your humble efforts. Perhaps a medal and a good dinner and a TV interview.
Thats the law of the universe.

But i know u wouldnt care much of money just like me. Its the passion and joy of sharing and giving to the needing IT users.

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