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Sales Fulfilment (Manufacturing) Contract

PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:55 am
by red1
After having the Purchasing Contract taken care of, we turn our attention to the more elaborate selling side, where customer orders have to go into production and monitored as to its time and readiness to deliver according to the customer rules (such as Complete Order / Line and priority).

I intend to use this to reexamine Libero Manufacturing (with prejudicial intent to deprecate it) as i did for WMS making it more transparent and fluid as well as understandable.

Firstly there should be an encapsulating module that sits at the top that governs a single customer order, that generates Sales and back orders, manage BOM Drops into them (partially and incrementally as production decisions are made in-process), to provide a Kanban Board visibility of the whole plateau of events surrounding that customer order.

(To be cont'd)