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Re: Migrating HR Payroll to iDempiere

Postby jdcs » Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:56 pm

Hi Red1,

Sorry for my being late in response - because I need it much.

I used payroll definition to split my payroll to sections. The larger payroll has about 420 employees and the rest not exceeding 150 employees. The total numbers of payroll concepts are about 40 and each employee is at least associated with 18 of them.

The larger payroll “POSTING” time on my busy computer, when free Memory =1GB, and CPU activity=22% is 00:03:25 creating 4,675 acct_fact entries.

Because I am not on the client environment, this is what I find posting an already processed and backup data as we also manage their data.
Processor (Laptop Dual Core i3 2.4 GHz, Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit), Database is PostgreSQL 8.4.
If tested on better environment it performs high - for may case in the production environment the users are satisfied performance has not been an issue.
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