Conclusiones: "Vote ... Contributo...

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Conclusiones: "Vote ... Contributo...

Postby globalqss » Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:00 am

Deseo en estos foros dar respuesta a las preguntas planteadas por David Molina (caifanex) en: ... ic/5006606

Cordialmente Comunidad

Me gustaria (si es posible) saber las conclusiones del hilo "Vote for Top Contributors to return" ... e=10815939

Que pasara con el CC?
Que pasara con Red1?
Que pasara con Carlos Ruiz?
Que paso con la reunión que iba realizar o realizo Red1 en diciembre con Norbert y Kai en Alemania?
Y otros temas.

David Molina

Pues, esta es mi opinión al respecto:
ADVERTENCIA -> Alto riesgo de flame -> Opiniones personales altamente inflamables, aunque completamente SUSTENTADAS EN HECHOS

Que pasara con el CC?

Después de recibir más de 30 votos en contra (más votos de los que los eligieron) declararon que ese hilo solo era una encuesta de opinión, se aferraron al poder y se rehusaron siquiera a revisar lo que la comunidad dispuso allí. Supuestamente son inamovibles hasta agosto que hay votaciones.
Como decimos en Colombia - se hicieron los pendejos :-D

Que pasara con Red1?

Redhuan está de gira internacional (Alemania, Austria, Francia, Colombia, Ecuador, Brasil) promoviendo como siempre el open source y ahora directamente involucrado con el proyecto iDempiere

Que pasara con Carlos Ruiz?

Carlos Ruiz se fue y no hay mayor chance de que vuelva.
Está manteniendo la versión
declarada como la versión oficial para hacer transición desde Adempiere a iDempiere

Heng Sin está dedicado igualmente al proyecto iDempiere.

Que paso con la reunión que iba realizar o realizo Red1 en diciembre con Norbert y Kai en Alemania?

Norbert hizo que uno de sus empleados se inventara un cuento absurdo llamando a Redhuan nazi para cancelar la reunión.

A estas alturas la situación en Adempiere es irrecuperable - solo resta esperar con paciencia - al parecer el concepto actual de comunidad es que solo pueden ejercer su voto cada año durante las votaciones, y de resto solo tienes derecho a apoyar o callarte :-)


Carlos Ruiz
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Re: Conclusiones: "Vote ... Contributo...

Postby red1 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:04 am

I had been having a nice time in Latin America. I thought about the war (i mean real war which is often associated with Latin American countries) but here i find the most pretty women. Just now another nice night with the contributors among the hooters. Now i lost all taste for war. :)

But my taste for victory remains. I told Brazil to prepare their best work and beat Germany before the world cup.

HootersBR.jpg (85.74 KiB) Viewed 7672 times

Fer_Luck has a partner who is also Fernando that has coded few items and eager to contribute:
1. DB Tuning that speeds up reporting analysis such as Replenishment report.
2. GoogleMap plugin in Java Client for Locators in action.

I told them today about Linus' "Show me the code" and not the money. Tomorrow i try to bring more of it into iDempiere under Carlos Ruiz. The code will be great. I know they can't wait to steal it.
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Re: Conclusiones: "Vote ... Contributo...

Postby red1 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:02 pm

I cannot stop to talk about contributors and their contributions just as someone else cannot stop talking about us. In the end it is not about 'Where is me or you but where is your contribution?". Have you done anything for this project?

Not that we are bragging on what we have done. Not that we care about been abused (by destroying our work and blaming it on us). I have told Carlos that at least they should treat you like a prostitute. Derived benefit from you as a service and pay you back. But no, i think they have raped you, not paid you, and of all things blame you for giving them sexual transmitted disease, when you did not do that.

That is how i feel, and now i do not say how i feel at the SF forums. As you can see how the answer will appear there, there is really no project of passion there anymore. There is no one who wants to distinguish between 'Cause' and 'Effect'. I read from the Theory of Constraints, (It is an old theory but good to remind us when something reminds us of the truth) that many people mistook cause for effect. Exactly how people mistook our shouting for cause when it was the effect.

Some mistook our action against bad committers from the trunk as cause of project conflict when it was the effect. The cause has always been repeated bad commits to the trunk. The cause is repeated destabilization of our sourcecode which we all make a living out of.

The cause is removing good code without peer review and making false statement to FSF and Potix, ignoring calls to resign, ignoring complaints about credit mischief.

Cause and effect is a good scientific principle, if you have gone to school to learn it. Today there is a cause, a good cause. I go around looking and motivating others who are contributors to come forth and work with the good coders. Among us, the effect is clear. It may be slow and we may have to undo all the damage done, but there is a great reward as well as a big lesson in the end.

Again i do not wish to patronize the fools anymore. I told all contributors that we will never return. Damage is done. We must work anew and Google will find us.

Also as i said, it is so much fun traveling, looking at hooters, drinking with friends, cheering each other's great work, learning humbly.

When i started this journey on October 4th, 2011 from my Malaysian farm, i did not expect that Dhamma will take me so far. If there is a God out there that is guiding me, then i am even more humbled of what the cause and effect is.

Maybe God is telling me, "you have proven your mantras, and here is what you wished for."

Information is free, and we have planted the flags.
People are not, and we have been paid the cause and effect
Contributors are priceless, as those flags fly higher and higher.

Where is red1?
Sao Paulo,
Tomorrow returning to Quito for a vacation in Manavi and then return for another vacation in Bogota. Then another in Paris and London. Then finally 'May God permit" to the loving arms of my family in Malaysia.

May Dhamma bless you all. Stay firm with your contributions and good hopes. I know you are many and may not know how. We will help you. We are at your service.
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Re: Conclusiones: "Vote ... Contributo...

Postby red1 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 4:15 pm

Yesterday in the Sao Paulo conference of Localization Brazil, someone (who has gone to the Berlin conference last year) told us that he is worried about the roadmap (which received upsetting answer from Berlin friends and they were very upset and that is why bring me all the way here to express their upset) and do not wish the project to disintegrate. I told him through a Portuguese translator (Linux Magazine of Brazil editor who is doing our story) that you cannot ask such a question to Berlin nor Sao Paulo.

I told them that this is a bazaar not a cathedral. If you joined Linus Torvalds you will also get upset. He has no roadmap but a passion. He has no ideology like Richard Stallman but a real starting early code and he will update often.

I told them that they are the leaders and we are their followers. It is the other way round with the bazaar. I told them about Google gravity and who they can follow and grow together. Anytime we do work people will find us as you all found me in the farm in September 2006. (Many of them there came across almost after they found Open Source ERP).

And we are now much stronger and politically correct. We want others to steal from us and spread the disease.

I told the Sao Paulo conference that if we have 2 Fernandos and 5 Ricardos, and one good commit from these 7 every week, then Berlin is over. Our HQ is now Sao Paulo. Linux Magazine Brazil here has 5 coders and he boasted to me that my bar is too low and they will exceed that. *Chuckles* i told him that i heard this many many times and mostly we do not see them even fulfilling a single part of the challenge.

This morning i see how many are ready. I do not expect more than 2. But again. do not doubt the power of the bazaar. And the power of this Web. The smartest person is not in this room. I have seen really smart ones. But i know the smartest has yet to come forth. I know there is a "Neo" out there. If you are the chosen one, please do something for us:

Show me your code.
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