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Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:59 pm
by red1
Hola, cumo esta, buenos dias. Please allow me to continue in English as i know Google is your best friend and GoogleTranslator is your 2nd girlfriend. Or maybe some kind soul here can translate for me and post again here.
(Firstly i like to thank the sponsor of my trip here, Herr Thomas Bayen of Krefeld, Germany).

Hello community. I am red1, the evil founding dictator who has resigned to a world of travel, and evangelism, about the freedom and fight for open source ERP software, to save the world from oppressive commercial slow, inefficient cheating ERP software.

I have arrived in Bogota yesterday. This is my first time on Latin American soil. I have entered Spanish speaking territory. Actually this is not my first time. Yesterday at the Madrid airport during 2 hour transit is my first time. I see an efficient modern airport with efficient staff.

Then i sit for 11 hours in the plane from Madrid to Bogota. The next passenger is an older man from Spain, who speaks no word of English who is on his way to meet his amiga in Bogota. That is probably the first new word i learnt on board. I thought Amiga is an old computer. Now i know it can be an old lady. Probably younger. I did not dare to ask.

That man offered me mint sweets. Without me saying a word except 'gracias'. It was much later in the last 2 hours i try to be brave and strike up a conversation with him where no one knows what the other is saying except with smiles and gestures and i began to realize a bit about Spanish culture. They do not care if you do not speak Spanish, they will still speak to you in Spanish. I asked the passenger behind if he understands both. He happily translated for us both and soon the translator just spoke in Spanish and forgot about me. That is probably my 2nd lesson is Spanish. Learn Spanish fast. But that 2nd passenger is from Bogota and he is so proud to tell me how nice his place is. So unlike Germans, in general.

The immigration officers working at the terminal are also efficient and trouble free. No harassment or sniffer dogs like the ones in Melbourne airport. No one rushed, everyone cordial and wait for their turn. I heard wrongly before arriving. Everyone who heard that i am about to go to Colombia tells me about drugs and please send them some, with cynical laughter.

Carlos Ruiz picked me up at the airport, and his smiles put me at ease that i have arrived not in a strange place but it is going to be a friendly and fun place. Just like Paris and Vienna. And probably Krefeld and Berlin.

I asked him what should we do that now we are in the same car, same city, same building and maybe same bus for many days. He told me that some talk is suggested for me to speak to engineering deans of top universities. I am getting scared. I have yet to learn the real culture here. Are people here critical? Are they profit oriented? Are they bazaar oriented? Do they like story telling? In English? Are their professors dumber than their people?

So due to the lack of sleep (probably 2 hours in the plane to cover up the 4 hours the night before, and minus 6 hrs GMT the other way) i slept in Carlos Ruiz warm home with a pleasant weather outside (about 10 Celsius) a welcome change after freezing Europe, at after midnight after some discussion on code maintenance and release strategy outside the official ADempiere centralized slow control, i woke up this dawn about 5am and busy here typing away my account before i forget it.

I wish to rehearse abit here. I always do. That is why i am so good. That is why most of my talks are not famous. Until they heard about it, later. I am thinking of speaking on the bazaar story and be referring to the themes from the IHE (Innovation Happens Elsewhere) book. I like to point out to the audience that there are two crucial points from the important phrase in the book - "The smartest person is not in the same room".

Yes, that is true but look what happened to the ADempiere project? (This is where i quickly switch from boring book talk to interesting politics). We achieve both sides of that phrase. We found out who is the smartest person outside this room. And we got to work with them. Today we can work with Carlos Ruiz, Low Heng Sin, Kai Schaeffer, Steven Sackett, Teo Sarca, Zeeshan and Andre Legendre. These people alone (some will not want to work with me) is enough to blow my brains out (OK, maybe Googletranslator will spell it wrongly. So what i really mean is "they will blow my brains out").

I cannot imagine ever in my life to learn from such gurus. Some of their one liners are gems. Some do not even have one liners and just marvelous codes, or insights or direction to the project. They form a quartet that can rule the world. They are the smartest that i have got into the same room. Thus in an indirect way i have proven the IHE maxim above.

So the question i will like to ask the brilliant professors sitting in front of me. Is this, " Do you then need the bazaar after you found them? Do you then need the project? Do you then need a structure or company to house them? Or do you just continue working with them directly as you found them? Online, without unnecessary formalities of putting your clothes on, greetings and red tape? Just pure code, the meat of the best software in the world. Think about it for a moment professors and tell me while i eat some tortilla sandwich and drink some coffee".

I will report back more news later.

If anyone wishes to organize more talks in other Latin American countries can write to me. But i just found out that it is more expensive to go to Brazil than back to Paris!

Adios Amigos and Amigas.


Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:17 am
by afalcone

a solicitud de Red1- quién me pidió si podía traducir su post al español - aquí va el mismo:

Hola, como está, buenos días. Por favor, permítame continuar en inglés ya que sé que Google es su mejor amigo y GoogleTranslator es su segunda novia. O quizás algún alma caritativa que pueda traducir aquí.

(En primer lugar me gustaría dar las gracias al patrocinador de mi viaje aquí, el señor Thomas Bayen de Krefeld, Alemania).

Hola comunidad. Soy red1, el malvado dictador fundador que se ha resignado a viajar por el mundo y evangelizar sobre la libertad y la lucha por el software ERP open source, para salvar al mundo del lento, opresivo, e ineficaz ERP comercial.

He llegado a Bogotá ayer. Esta es mi primera vez en suelo latinoamericano. He entrado en el territorio de habla española. En realidad esta no es la primera vez. Ayer en el aeropuerto de Madrid durante el tránsito de 2 horas fue la primera vez. Ví un aeropuerto moderno, eficiente, con personal eficiente.

Luego me senté por 11 horas en el avión de Madrid a Bogotá. El pasajero al lado era un hombre mayor de España, que no hablaba una palabra de inglés e iba en camino de encontrarse con una amiga de Bogotá. Esta fue probablemente la primera palabra nueva que aprendí a bordo. Pensé que Amiga era un ordenador antiguo. Ahora sé que puede ser una anciana. Probablemente joven. No me atreví a preguntar.

Ese hombre me ofreció pastillas de menta. No dije más que ‘gracias’. En las 2 horas siguientes traté de ser valiente y entablar una conversación con él, donde nadie supo lo que el otro estaba diciendo, salvo por sonrisas y gestos que me hicieron dar cuenta un poco de la cultura española. A ellos no les importa si usted no habla español, le hablarán igual en español. Le pregunté al pasajero de atrás si nos entendía a ambos. Felizmente él nos tradujo a ambos y pronto el traductor solo habló en español y se olvidó de mí. Esa fue probablemente mi segunda lección del español. Aprende rápido el español. Pero el segundo pasajero es de Bogotá, y él está muy orgulloso de decirme lo lindo de su país. A diferencia de los alemanes, en general.

Los agentes de inmigración que trabajan en la terminal también son eficientes y sin problemas. No hay acoso o perros rastreadores, como los que están en el aeropuerto de Melbourne. Ninguno se precipitó, todos fueron cordiales y esperaron su turno. Oí mal antes de llegar. Todos aquellos que escucharon que estaba a punto de ir a Colombia me dijeron sobre las drogas y por favor que les enviara algunas, con una risa cínica.

Carlos Ruiz me recogió en el aeropuerto, y su sonrisa me tranquilizó, no llegué a un lugar extraño, sino a un lugar agradable y divertido. Al igual que París y Viena. Y, probablemente, Krefeld y Berlín.

Le pregunté ¿qué debemos hacer ahora que estamos en el mismo coche, la misma ciudad, el mismo edificio y tal vez un mismo bus por muchos días?. Me dijo que algunos habían sugerido hablar con los decanos de ingeniería de las universidades top. Me asusté. Todavía tengo que aprender la cultura real aquí. ¿Es la gente de aquí crítica? ¿Están orientados al lucro? ¿Están orientados al bazar? ¿Les gusta que les cuenten historias? ¿En Inglés? ¿Son los profesores más tontos que su gente?

Así que debido a la falta de sueño (probablemente las 2 horas en el avión cubrieron las 4 horas de la noche anterior), dormí en la cálida casa de Carlos Ruiz con un agradable clima exterior (alrededor de 10 C ), una buena bienvenida después de congelarme en Europa, a partir de la medianoche después de alguna discusión sobre el mantenimiento del código y la estrategia de release fuera del centralizado y lento ADempiere oficial, me desperté alrededor de las 5am y me puse a escribir antes de olvidarme.

Me gustaría ensayar algo exagerado aquí. Siempre lo hago. Es por eso que soy tan bueno. Es por eso que la mayoría de mis conversaciones no son famosas. Hasta que se enteran de ellas, más tarde. Estoy pensando en hablar sobre la historia del bazar y se refiere a los temas del libro IHE (Innovation Happens Elsewhere - La innovación ocurre en otros lugares). Me gustaría señalar a la audiencia que hay dos puntos cruciales de la frase importante en el libro - "La persona más inteligente no está en la misma habitación".

Sí, eso es cierto, pero miren lo que sucedió con el proyecto ADempiere? (Aquí es donde cambio rápidamente del aburrido libro a políticas interesantes). Tenemos los dos sentidos de aquella frase. Encontramos quien es la persona más inteligente fuera de esta habitación. Y conseguimos trabajar con ellos. Hoy en día podemos trabajar con Carlos Ruiz, Low Sin Heng, Kai Schaeffer, Steven Sackett, Teo Sarca, Zeeshan y Andre Legendre. Estas personas solas (algunas no quieren trabajar conmigo) son suficientes para volarme los sesos.

No puedo imaginar mi vida sin aprender de tales gurús. Algunas de sus líneas son joyas. Algunos ni siquiera tienen líneas ni maravillosos códigos o ideas o direcciones al proyecto. Ellos forman un cuarteto que puede gobernar el mundo. Ellos son los más inteligentes que conseguí en la misma habitación. Así, en una forma indirecta he probado la hipótesis IHE de arriba.

Así que la pregunta que me gustaría hacerles a los brillantes profesores sentados frente a mí es esta: “¿Usted entonces necesita el bazar después de haberlos encontrado a ellos? ¿Usted entonces necesita el proyecto? ¿Usted entonces necesita una estructura o una empresa para cobijarlos? ¿O simplemente necesita seguir trabajando con ellos directamente, como usted los encontró? Online, sin formalismos innecesarios, alfombras rojas? Sólo código puro, el manjar de los mejores software del mundo. Profesores piensen en esto por un momento y díganme mientras como una tortilla y bebo un café”.

Me reportaré con nuevas noticias más tarde.

Si alguien quiere organizar más charlas en otros países de América Latina puede escribirme. Pero me acabo de enterar de que es más caro ir a Brasil que volver a París!

Adiós Amigos y Amigas.


Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:26 pm
Saludos Red1 y Carlos,

En este momento y solo año y medio después de haber leído un articulo de ADempiere por primera vez, estoy en medio de dos implementaciones concurrentes (suficiente para mantenerme en vela hasta la madrugada cada noche), y la verdad no se porque me alegra en sobremanera leer una mas de las famosas conversaciones de Red1 y la oportuna traducción de Carlos (a quien me alegra mucho leer cuando me da luz en alguna de mis preguntas de novato).

Pensando con la alegria que me produce leer tu entrada no puedo menos que Invitarlos a pensar en la posibilidad de venir a Medellin (no es otro país, aunque a veces lo parece). Desde la Fundación ParqueSoft Antioquia, de la que soy miembro de junta de directiva, podria gestionar charlas en un par de universidades de la ciudad, para seguir impulsando este proyecto y ojala pudiéramos también conversar en un Modelo de Emprendimiento e Innovación alrededor de ADempiere, en el que estoy trabajando.

Aprovecho para comentar algo que hace días me ronda la cabeza. El asunto es que en este momento no necesito saber que ADempiere es un gran proyecto, en ese respecto estoy convencido, pero lo que me quita el sueño es identificar el Modelo de negocio adecuado, seguramente el grupo de los gurus que menciona Red1 ya lo tiene claro, sin embargo tambien podria ser interesante trabajar en una construcción conjunta que permita hacerlo escalable, rentable, replicable y ¿opensource?, creo que resolver eso podría ser un gran motivador y podria aportar un poco para hacer fortalecer este proyecto.

Me despido solo diciendole Red1 que siempre puede volver a Paris, pero el Carnaval de Rio, Puede ser su unica oportunidad!!!

Estaré atento


Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:47 pm
by red1
Hola Javier Pérez Villamizar,
I am using googletranslator to understand and hope it is good enough. So here is my answer:

Thank you for the invitation. About talks in Medilin, yes i would very much like to participate to share whatever experience and insights i have and understand the culture here with regard to knowledge capital in nation building and industrial applications. Please proceed, arrange for my short stay there (Please email me to interact further. It should be before January 28 to be safe as tentatively Jan 30 I maybe in Ecuador.

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:14 am
by globalqss
Javier, ya le comenté maravillas de Medellín a Redhuan, su clima, la montaña, la amabilidad de sus habitantes, las chicas bonitas :-)
Estoy seguro que Medellín será una experiencia encantadora para Redhuan, como lo es para cualquiera.

Como siempre, defensor de acreditar apropiadamente al autor, debo corregir que la traducción no fue mía sino de Alejandro.


Carlos Ruiz

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:27 am
by red1
Meanwhile i understand your question about the right business model. I have written and talked a lot about this topic and it is one of my favorite topics. That is why i put forth the 3 line mantra formula which says, Information is Free, People are not, Contributors are priceless. Up to now, i have discussed this topic with many people and not everyone agrees with it when it comes to Open Source Software business.

If i want to say it in one short word it is 'branding'. If in one sentence, "what best way to be No.1 than use the 'free' technique from web based Open source community?' The cost of spreading via cyberspace is almost zero. You only need to write once and an eternity of people read or download your code or words. That is what i have consistently done over the years since 2004. Middle of 2010 i almost stop because i was broke and in debts. I submitted my resume to prospective employers to end my freedom and hobby of writing and contributing passion. But somehow my karma was waiting to reward me and i am back, stronger than before. I am still free, vastly increased my know-how and experience, have endless project offerings, many more contacts and never stop my character of sharing and synergising everyone with everyone. I wish to die with this passion. But it needs patience. It needs study. It needs discussion. It needs trials.

I began to notice that not everyone can be like this, or understand this. That is why i said "Contributors are priceless, you have to be". Because if you do not contribute, someone else will. It is a new culture but it is not an alien one. We are all contributors in one way or the other. When you write here about yourself you are already contributing. You are selling an idea through a question - "How is the business model?" That question will be viral. It will spread. Many more people outside this room will read about it and talked about it. Somehow somewhere, there will be those who understood and will call you. Most of the places i visited are due to invitations from those who loves the idea of growing this way.

But in business terms of today, what does all this mean? How do we make money? I have always said that it is not money that can be made, or made from itself. It is often made from values or to be exact, made from ideas. Open source is an idea. Giving away is an idea, if not the craziest viral potent and billionaire idea. How then did Facebook, Twitter or Google made it. Twitter is the most idiotic idea i know but i am too late. Someone else started the idea.

The idea here is to make countries like Colombia see that its economy depend on knowledge capital and that idea is not done here but imported from Silicon Valley. That is the mistake. IT cannot be imported. It must be home grown. And it can be home grown. We do have the geniuses. I am staying in the house of one such genius. I came here because i believe in him and know what his ideas are and they are big and has grown viral. Everyone in the world connected to our project knows who he is and his name and what he stands for. Of course it needs some help from me and a bit of a war story from another friend to make it more viral. But he needs no help actually. We need his help.

Colombia and other Latin American countries for decades want to have US success story minus the history and inequality. How can this be done. FOSS is one good idea to do it. Young people today are leaving for better jobs outside. They need not do so. They can work from home and do US projects. My amigo here is already doing that. But this is not enough. There are more ways to do it and it is a matter of ideas. We can create hubs of B2B for total industries to generate new wealth. We need standards. Academicians can help. Students love to experiment with new stuff. Give it to them. We have broadband. But we lack content (actually we have too much content but do not know it) and to be more exact, such ideas. How do we generate ideas? Let us meet and see if we already have them but do not realise it.

One more thing that is lacking - Let us be brave to think the bitter truth about ideas - They are often wrong but from them comes right.

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:50 am
by red1
By the way, Carlos told me that Medelin is not far for an airplane but is long for a bus, 8 hours of winding roads through the mountainous region. Do you know which route i prefer? Yes, it is the long winding mountainous road! Por favor!

Also there is an idea that i be interviewed in some podcast for local universities to listen to. I have submitted a thesis last night to the intending idea organizer that my topic be "How do we become Silicon Valley?" I would like to pose that we need not BE in Silicon Valley - we need to THINK like Silicon Valley. Hope this podcast or interview comes through too.

About Brazil, i am looking forward to it as i received some preliminary emails about it and have agreed. No the idea is not to be in RIo Carnival (though i love to but i missed the timing, OR just think maybe i just need a new idea to be there :) ). What i like to speak in Brazil is (since they be inviting from all over Brazil to come to Sao Paolo) for the first time describe (and translated) on Latin American soil, how Latin America's role is behind this particular project fork - ADempiere. Its fork was called by a Mexican, named by a Colombian, supported by a Chilean, Argentinian but led by an Asian! I will invite the discussion why are all these so. Why is Compiere forked? Is it not GPLed? is it not downloadable? And then what direction and challenges is the bazaar facing now?

Then i would like to call upon those present to take this golden opportunity to come together to create a real SAP killer. Exploit all resources we have together. Understand each other and accept each other's capabilities and ignore other weaknesses that we must have. I know almost everyone there is to know in the project. No, i am not asking to be your leader but to be your servant. That has always been my role. I play it best from below and humble beginnings.

But today my voice and name is branded and is given room to be spoken. And i have to speak well or i myself miss this chance. I wish to energize the community like never before. And my voice is not single alone or mine. It is yours, and all of you, and the rest of you. I have no other interest than to see growth, synergy albeit bazaar like anarchy, but it will be organic harmony through one idea - which has already worked at the OS level of Linux but yet for this higher level of business apps. This may be the moment. Be part of this history. The rest is noise. We need to ignore it, and move ahead. I know this to be your concern and interest and am willing to see how you can contribute to it.

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:25 am
by smartjsp
Welcome to Bogotá Red1.

There is a lot to know around our local culture and places and sure, about OS projects and innovation happening around; I am sure you will enjoy the ride, our people kindness and the city.

See you soon.

Pedro Rozo.

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2012 7:44 pm
by red1
Thank you Pedro for your generous time taking us up to Monserrati and yesterday's faclitation of the meeting at ACIS. Below is my proposed first talk for ACIS next week. I will prepare the 2nd talk session for February 13 to all the Deans of IT of Colombia after getting some friendly personal valuable feedback from you.

Propuesta de sesión Hablar 1, a unos 35 ingenieros en la sala y 45 más a través de la red:
Señoras y señores,
¿Cómo puedes ser un gurú de Código Abierto con 3 sencillos pasos
En primer lugar déjame decirte que los beneficios de ser eso - Te conviertes en famoso, se llega a seleccionar el país para viajar a la realización de proyectos en línea mientras que usted tiene que rechazar todo lo que no puede hacer más de uno en uno. Pero se aprende muy rápido y no tiene por qué ser en las horas punta, ni asistir a las reuniones estúpidas.

Ahora las malas noticias: Usted tiene que ser famoso y tener que rechazar muchos proyectos. Tienes que aprender rápido y maldito que perdió el rastro de las zonas horarias e incluso nombres de sus amigos. Es por eso que dependen en gran medida del público los sitios sociales como Facebook y Twitter para seguir la pista donde estaba ayer.

Paso 1. Publicar o perecer. Tienes que empezar a aprender a escribir no sólo sobre sus habilidades de pequeño, pero su crecimiento en ellos. Decirle al mundo lo que encontró a su primer fallo. ¿Cómo has pensado en quitarse la vida. ¿Cómo dejaste a tu novia la señorita Colombia sólo para trabajar en un lugar que le dio habilidades grande.

Paso 2: Encuentre un lugar donde usted puede conseguir grandes habilidades. Tómese su tiempo en un proyecto Open Source real. Tomar el toro por los cuernos. Hacer frente a los más errores que pueda encontrar. Y a continuación, publicar y mostrar sus conquistas. Alardear ante el mundo y ganar los puntos de karma.

Paso 3. Sé humilde y responder a esos idiotas. Sí, ahora convertido en un gurú. Ahora ya está ahí arriba. Todos los demás están abajo. De vez en cuando algún idiota viene y le pedimos que algo que has conquistado hace 6 años. Se siente disgustado por ha pedido una pregunta tan trivial. Bueno, mientras uno le preguntan en los foros públicos que la marca de su mega-guruness más, le responderé. Mostrar cómo es humilde. Demostrar que todavía caminan entre los simples mortales, mientras que se ven a usted y algún dios u incluso llamar.

Conclusión: ERP de código abierto es un buen proyecto que realmente puede probar sus habilidades. Se basa en Java, muchos DBs diferentes, muchas tecnologías diferentes que van desde ActiveMQ para OSGi, y utilizada por todos los países del mundo.

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:56 pm
by red1
Hola Pedro,
Thanks for all the translations done for the upcoming ACIS talks. Yesterday's Colombian community session was more beautiful than your home office wasn't it? (You took some photos and please put one of your office and yesterday's here). Of course Javier will prove us wrong in Medelin soon. :)

Anyway i promised you about the issue of selling and that it does not need more technical skills but more salesmanship know how. Here is my take on this ... esman.html

And about branding as part of positioning your business better here is a big guru on the subject -
But his talks on youtube is clearer:

See u again next Tuesday evening for the ACIS engineers circle talk.

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 4:41 am
by red1
Carlos just said in the #iDempiere chatroom:
acabo de recibir una llamada - parece que vamos para Cali con Redhuan este viernes

Also here is the link about the ACIS talk: Esperamos ver más de allí.
Me siento profundamente honrado y emocionado
Muchas gracias !

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:18 pm
by red1
Mucho bien! I had a great time at the ACIS talk and began to groove into the Latino culture here. Here is a treat i gave to our friends later that night at dinner.

hooters2.jpg (113.9 KiB) Viewed 27227 times

hooters002.jpg (67.85 KiB) Viewed 27227 times

Ok, ok, it is more of treating me rather than them. :)

I am now in Armenia, and due to head to Cali on Monday. Tuesday i will take the bus ride to Medellin. I truly enjoy the countryside, sights, sounds, places and faces. People are truly nice and generous. (I am not sure how Medellin can beat it so far, but i looking forward to a higher bar of Open Source fun). :)


Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:32 am
by red1
OK.. got some serious promotional talks here in Ecuador (instead of chikas for the time being).


And over in Brazil next week it is

It is tango time baby!

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:47 am
by red1
I am very surprised by Gustavo high octane energy and capability of pulling off almost two universities per day talks which are so well attended, and highly appreciated by the local deans and faculties. Some even filmed my entire talks.
And this morning the Universidad Catolica del Ecuador's dean of Business Admin extended an invitation with expenses paid for me to return for a big summit event in April.

But the highest value i place on Gustavo is not just his connections to the public, academic and business sectors, but his direct connection to Goldratt's TOC influence. I suggested to him to start a new joint project with a distinct Ecuadorian name and flavour to be pushed throughout Latin America and the world as Ecuador's gift to the world.

My stay in Ecuador is also sponsored by Hotel Replubika, CybebERP, and SisMode.

Below is the talk at Universidad ESPE (Military).
quitoTalks.jpg (89.45 KiB) Viewed 27191 times

Receiving a momento from the Universidad ESPE
EspeGift.jpg (104.49 KiB) Viewed 27191 times

Posing with some of the faculty members of U. ESPE.
EspeStaff.jpg (133.06 KiB) Viewed 27191 times

The audience at Universidad Catolic del Ecuador this morning.
catolic.jpg (102.14 KiB) Viewed 27191 times

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:48 am
by red1
And now in Sao Paulo the language has changed to Portuguese. And there is more contributions coming up from this huge country of 190 million people.

SP001.jpg (324.4 KiB) Viewed 27173 times

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:46 pm
by red1
Yes that can be good. I will then try to compress my whole first Latin America tour to you all in Bogota as my last day before departing back to Paris. It seems that i will almost call for Quito to be the Latin America HQ due to its (a) Government Law passed on use of Open Source in Ecuador, (b) High exposure of Universidads to come together to discuss FOSS programs, (c) High number of projects underway, that needs resources from us, (d) Theory of Constraints advocates with real life experience alongside ADempiere that can revolutionize ERP solution to the marketplace as a real benefit and productivity suite. (e) There are multiple and various levels of contacts established to avoid a single point of failure. I am due to respond, on return from Sao Paulo to Quito with the Govt Secretary in charge of FOSS who asked our representative which govt agency that can be implemented first.

On 2/7/12 6:24 PM, Pedro Rozo wrote:
> Red1 & Carlos
> I am sorry to hear about it, let me know when red1 return to Colombia and if you need any other help .... perhaps we can take another coffe (or hot chocolate) to recap a bit about your recent discoveries within the adempiere communities around and to verify touch points before Red1 returns home.
> From my side this week I am reviewing source code, documentation and front end changes from my developers related with the advanced Openbravo POS-Adempiere integration described in previous email, with this stable release we will start our contribution. It was not as quick I wish due to other project schedules but it is almost ready to go.
> Regards,
> Pedro Rozo
> Global SOA/BPM/Java/IT Consultant
> MBA/Certified Enterprise Architect for Java Technology
> CEO – SmartJSP S.A.S.
> SOA, BPM, Java Enterprise & Open Source Made Easy
> Mobile: (+57) 312.300.6700 - Phone: (+57 1) 5488330
> Bogotá D.C., Colombia.
> El 06/02/2012 09:37 p.m., Carlos Antonio Ruiz Gomez escribió:
>> Hi Redhuan, I received a message today from Manuel telling me that your talk to REDIS (the deans) it became complicated because the universities are starting semester activities. So, I think the talk was cancelled.
>> Regards,
>> Carlos Ruiz

Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Wed Feb 08, 2012 5:00 am
by red1
Ricardo Santana here has submitted the first Brazilian contribution on solving Tenant base language to be non-English for the core - and there are more to come including:
1. Solving some attachment problem
2. Complex Taxation Formula Designer for Brazil configurable for many other countries without core code changes.
3. Workflow Extension to control Disapproval action and Condition/Transition values to be more dynamic.

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Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 5:07 am
by red1
Someone asked where I am. Well, I am with the top contributors in Brazil. I want to make Brazil the top contributor country in the world. And i will not return until they do so. Carnival, soccer or samba, Brazil has more to offer. WDYT?

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Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:38 pm
by red1
Here in Sao Paulo, Brazil, I am very happy with the contributors and learnt a few things about their potential and steps they need to take to be on top of the world. This morning i did some social engineering exercise with them and uploaded another nice enhancement to iDempiere from Fernangino. Last night we had a nice dinner together. Below is a nice place to be with Fernando Lucktemberg or Fer_Luck as he is known in our project. Ricardo Santana took this photo for us. Behind me to the left on the wall is a suit of the Brazilian famous F1 driver, Rubens Barichello.

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Re: Prepararse para hablar en Bogotá

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:33 am
by red1
I left Brazil this morning with a parting message, requested by Ricardo. :

I truly feel the Brazilian family spirit infecting my soul here and i believe Sao Paulo can be the capital of iDempiere for the world.

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