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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 9:06 pm
by proxima
Hello red1,

We are quite new in Compiere development, and we are about to use Compiere for on-line completion and printing of contracts locally in pre-printed forms. The data entry would be in the HTML UI, in custom windows and forms, and there would be some local printing in preprinted forms. (We think it is inevitable that we should do some Java programming in order to customize the Compiere).
-Do you know if such a customization would be fully usable through the HTML UI???
- If there are may be 30-40 on-line concurent users through the Internet, would this be an issue over an 1Mbps line and a 2GHz/1GBRam server?

Many thanks in advance!

Stelios Vlachos

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:35 am
by red1
Hi Stelios,
Thanks for joining! :D
HTML User Interface is easily and successfully done by many parties. We here have done it in the Mecca addon to Compiere. U can see the samples and some tutorials in the Compiere Workshop and

Your other info is of commercial value and we dont cater for support or consultancy time here. We focus on case study and project preporting for public consumption to advertise our time-based services.

However off the hat, answering just for one time only: your specs is subjective of the application process that the users are engaged in. The application performance depends on DB structure (well indexed gives good performance). Server shuld be dual processor and 2Gigabyte RAM. As for the pipe, again subject to how the app processes are called over the web. Our Velocity project demonstrates good separation of UI layer with minute client processing. These are usually not the issues. Uptime, Firewall and remote port calling are main headaches.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 6:39 pm
by proxima
Thanks Red1 :) !
I saw the work on MECCA, it is impresive, indeed. If only the Compiere HTML UI was like that..