Some Do's and Some You-Better-Don't's

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Some Do's and Some You-Better-Don't's

Postby red1 » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:28 am

1) First of all I, Emperor RED1 el Curios el Dubeos and his round table of des miserables welcome u all to this humble abode - the FORUM mostly for Compiere and other stuff we happen to be involved in such as Mecca University ERP System, Nearby Politics, and The-impact-of-Greek-Mythology on present day human sacrifice (working endlessly without proper compensation).

2) We strictly disallow FLOODING, meaning those posts that are entered elsewhere but appear also in this forum. This creates unnecessary clutter and the offender may be executed depending on our mood of the day.
However we are compasionate fools of the needy, and we can listen to beggings and cries for repentance, if delivered in proper Queen's english and etiquette.

3) This is not a sanctuary of last and desperate resort, meaning you only come here when you have received arrows on your back crying for the salvation army of God and Heaven. You better invest time beforehand going thru these corridors of your interests, finding out if your cry has been cried and answered before.

3.1) This is not a replacement of, its User Manual and its commercial effort. U have to purchase and refer to Compiere Inc for any commercial effort. This forum is NOT for such support already provided there. Its more of a members' forum of project work and sharing and any technical information that is beyond Compiere Inc.

4) Do spend time to investigate if your question is posed before and repost it there.

5) Always post with as much information as possible i.e. what steps you did to get those arrows on your back.

6) Do contribute your own findings so that we can remember you better and show more mercy the next time you ever ride this way again.

7) The Principle here is that ALL INFO IS FREE once its has taken shape, but ALL HUMAN EFFORT IS NOT FREE, thus to ask anyone to DO anything for you requires you paying for it. This also means that person is paid once only and NOT REPETITIVELY as happen in the abuse of patented work. But there is still a misperception that Open Source developers need to be compared to patented work, where they are priced according to depressed goods dumped by patent fallouts. We insist that we are NOT selling codes but TIME and EFFORT.

8 ) To keep this place tidy, we reserve the right to delete certain threads, or edit them to make them more readable.

9) We always welcome you, your ideas and comments as we verily need the common masses, knights and ladies, experts and novices, stuff that makes a kingdom to be called a civilisation.

End of Royal Decree.
You may rise from your knees and look straight up now.
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