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How to create own WebStore....Not able to see my products...

PostPosted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 7:43 pm
by gaurav
Hi Red1
I am facing fw problem regarding WebStore...

1. After submitting my detalis, when i log in to webstore from explorer, it logs me in to client GardenWorld. How can i access my client?

2. I tried to create new webstore for my Client from Web Store window but how can i acces my Client's websotre and see my client....

3. I eneterd new products for my clients and on product window i ticked the field named "Featured in WebStore" and "Self Service" so that they are visible in WebStore.But i am not able to see my products when i log in to WebStore.What all i see are the products of the client GardenWorld.....

How to solve these problems??

Please help...

Thank You


PostPosted: Wed Nov 16, 2005 3:33 am
by trifon
Hi Gaurav,

I'm not sure that this is the corect answer but i think that you must set proper
AD_Client_ID in web.xml of compiereWebStore.ear --> compiereWebStore.war