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Postby Herve » Tue Oct 04, 2005 8:23 am

Hi Red

I have a couple of questions. I look for few days around forum dedicate for Compiere to figure how to make my first workflow like example in Gardenword(Business Partner) without success. Here is what I make step by step ( I am using client 2.5.2c)

1) I log myself like super user next I log myself with administrator role for specific client (Compagny, organisation)
2) In general "menu" I select "General rule" next "workflow"
3) I open workflow window click new for creating a new workflow

- workflow type = General
- Entity = Usermainted
- Data access level = all

4) The workflow that I create just only have one node ( this node is only one windows that I create into Compiere)
5) When I click for validate at this end, the validation of my new workflow have a statut OK but I have some severe errors present in bottom

Here is resume of Errors (4)

*error 1
- Class.Method = MWindowVO.createTabs
- Message = No Tabs-AD_Window_ID=1000002-Select*From AD_Tab_vtWhere AD_Window_ID=?AND AD_Lan.......

*error 2
- class.Method = CPreparedStatement.executeUpdate
- Message = AppSServer error

*error 3
- class.Method = DBexecuteUpdate
- Message = Update=INSERT INTO AD_WF_NODE_TRL ( AD_WF_Node_ID,AD_LAnaguage,AD_Client_ID,...)

- class.Method =
- Message = DBExecuteError - ORA-00001:unique contraint(COMPIERE.AD_WF_NODE_TRL_KEY) violated

Any ideas?????

Thank you for your patience and take a time to read

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