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Postby Herve » Sat May 21, 2005 8:00 pm

(NB sorry for wrong spelling words)

Hi Red

I get a couple of questions for you.

1) I am log as SuperUser with SYSTEM role. I create a new window (MyWindow .....going on of all step create table in Oracle mapping in AD...create window mapping with what has been create in AD). Every thing is still working fine when i am using System Role. For now MyWindow is attach in root (menu..... at the bottom of all) not in specific tree existing. In this case my client's Window is SYSTEM. When i log as specific client (GardenWordAdmin) and go through GeneralRule/SystemRule/Menu i can see MyWindows which is active. The problem is that using specific client (GardenWordAdmin) MyWindows is not available (Can't see it in any tree) ? What's step should i go over to make a window create when I log as SuperUser with SYSTEM role to be available for a spécific client (GardenWorldAdmin or GardenWorldUser)

2) When your create a new Windows based of still existing windows the only purpose is to customise the new one (changing or add little things) and preserve the old one (like what you make for POSred) ?

3) I log as GardenWorldAdmin and I go through Menu/AD/SystemAdmin/ and open Window Cutomization. I read help about this windows. I don't see a lot of option here for customize a specific window (except idendification of that window, language and usercontact ). What is real purpose of this windows? and how should it be use ?

Thank you to take you time and answer my questions

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