build from source (Role not found)

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build from source (Role not found)

Postby Herve » Sat May 14, 2005 10:28 am

hi Red

I read your notes how to compiere from source
and forum notes. I have little problem for finalyse.

I have bineary compiere in some directory and source in another.
(for experimentation using production and development in same computer)

My configuration for binanry is working well.

I import compiere all (source) into eclipse without errors.

This is what I make.
- start jboss server which is binary directory
- start DB server
- Run Debug in eclipse

- I see window for connection.(Compiere Login)
- DB server and compiere server were connect (both of them
with test were ok and white )

- When I click in button for select organisation I get
message in the bottom of window

‘ Role not found/ complete’ and here is the java errors on

( ===========> Login.getOrgs: SELECT
o.AD_Org_ID,o.Name,o.IsSummary FROM AD_Role r, AD_Client c
INNER JOIN AD_Org o ON (c.AD_Client_ID=o.AD_Client_ID OR
o.AD_Org_ID=0) WHERE r.AD_Role_ID=? AND c.AD_Client_ID=? AND
o.IsActive='Y' AND (r.IsAccessAllOrgs='Y' OR
(r.IsUseUserOrgAccess='N' AND o.AD_Org_ID IN (SELECT
AD_Org_ID FROM AD_Role_OrgAccess ra WHERE
ra.AD_Role_ID=r.AD_Role_ID AND ra.IsActive='Y')) OR
(r.IsUseUserOrgAccess='Y' AND o.AD_Org_ID IN (SELECT
AD_Org_ID FROM AD_User_OrgAccess ua WHERE ua.AD_User_ID=?
AND ua.IsActive='Y'))) ORDER BY o.Name [11]
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00904: "R"."ISUSEUSERORGACCESS":
invalid identifier
; State=42000; ErrorCode=904
at oracle.jdbc.driver.T4C8Oall.receive(
at …………………

-----------> Login.getOrgs: No Org for Client:
11=GardenWorld, AD_Role_ID=102, AD_User_ID=101 [11]
===========> POInfo.loadInfo: SELECT t.TableName,
c.AD_Column_ID, c.IsKey,c.IsParent, c.AD_Reference_Value_ID,
vr.Code, c.FieldLength, c.ValueMin, c.ValueMax,
c.IsTranslated, t.AccessLevel, c.ColumnSQL FROM AD_Table t
INNER JOIN AD_Column c ON (t.AD_Table_ID=c.AD_Table_ID) LEFT
(c.AD_Val_Rule_ID=vr.AD_Val_Rule_ID) INNER JOIN AD_Element e
ON (c.AD_Element_ID=e.AD_Element_ID) WHERE t.AD_Table_ID=?
AND c.IsActive='Y' [11]
java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00904: "C"."COLUMNSQL": invalid
; State=42000; ErrorCode=904

I read Red’s note and looking in forum but I can’t get any

Is there somethig a special thing to make in computer environnement variable that give opportunity to manage two environment in same computer (developpement and production) ?

In eclipse my classpath is set up correctly(built without errors)

Is there some thing else that I can make?
What are my errors?

I download source code 29 April 2005 in with CVS (reposotory of compiere sourceforge) and I using 2.5.2.b1 running product (binary)

Any help
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Postby red1 » Sun May 15, 2005 9:54 pm

Hi Herve,
U should use an older source version or same source and binary to run in synch as their data dumps may be slightly changed from version to version. And u need not do both binary and source at the same time.

Lets say u use 251g, u only need to download that source version, set it up in Eclipse, and compile it so that it produces the corresponding binary 251g. Then u Compiere2/RUN_setup and ImportCompiere using the 251g data dump from sourceforge.

Try that first and get the hang of it.
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