Import Price List

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Import Price List

Postby moyses » Wed May 04, 2005 3:52 am

Hi Red1! How are you doing?

Well first at all thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

I went through your document Import Price and I found some details that I consider are worth to be noted.

1.- I created the table I_ImportPrice following your orders. Important detail: the name should begin with an "I", so it can be listed in the drop down list when you create your import format, otherwise it won't appear.

2.- Then I created my import format.

3.- Tryed to Import my file to the temp table I_ImportPrice I received the following message ===========> ImpFormat.setTable: ImpFormat.setTable - Data not forund for AD_Table_ID=1000085 [11]

4.- Well, this message was beyond my understanding :) ... but someone told me that this is related to running GenerateModel? in Eclipse.

5.- As I don't know much about Java and the Compiere SourceCode (not ready yet to play with!) I did the following:
I used the existing I_Product table as my temp table. If you do this, you don't need to create a new Table.

So my import file format pointed to I_product table.

6.- Then I Modified the two procedures according to this change.

7.- And voila it worked!

8.- Then... I detected a bug in Compiere!. I wanted to use my new created list in the Invoice (Vendor) Window. So when I created my Receipt I clicked on "Generate Invoice" it ask for the Price List to be used in the Invoice, I selected the new one.

9.- I went to the Invoice (Vendor) Window, and checked my fresh Invoice. Compiere used in my new invoice, the price list selected in my Purchase Order instead of the one that I selected previously in the Receipt Window!

Hope this can helps others!

Best Regards
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