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Consignment Module

PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 12:27 pm
by red1
This is an add on or 'Cockpit' designed module to sit on the WMS module. This Consignment Module allows virtual stock movements to outlets and then manage its returns, then issue a nett balance Sales Order as a result.

The Consignment module also uses an ITF 14 packing code or multi UOM base, where auto UOM Conversion is done, as reflected in the Available box. As a product and its preferred UOM are selected, the Available will indicate exactly in the UOM chosen terms.

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The resulting generated picking list (click on the attached link in the main tab panel) will show the results in absolute base item UOM. The vacancy capacities will also be changed.

There are three processes from the Process 'gear' icon on the menu bar:

1. Create Movement. It will generate Delivery Schedule, Picking List based on FIFO method and availability.
The generated documents will be linked in the main panel fields. The process parameter options:
a. Handling Unit, if blank shall mean the boxes are moved intact, without breaking up any contents, and without changing its Handling Unit codes. If assigned, it will be a running number Handling Unit assignment, changing from the old numbers. It is best to choose box UOM when doing this so that no breaking up and thus error exception occurs.
b. IsSameLine, means the boxes must remain intact, based exactly on the box UOM size. If certain boxes are of differing sizes, the system shall bypass them until exact sizes are found.
c. IsSameDistribution, means all pickings will be put into a single Handling Unit label.

2. During Returns, there is an additional DatePromised, to allow the reprocessing of goods returned to be reboxed before putaway. Thus that date, will be the DateStart of putaway allowing for forecast to be done as well as embargo them from been picked until the promised date.

3. Sales Order may be issued at Consignment out stage, to give a Proforma Invoice quotation or total commitment to the retailers. Later after returns, a further Sales Order will then be based on the nett qtys.

Process 2. and 3. is still in progress. The 1. Create Movement is ready for use.

Take the binary here ... rehousing/

and source here

Re: Consignment Module

PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 10:58 am
by red1
Now the IssueSalesOrder is done, which can check issue Sales Order based on Consignment Line with or without Return lines, of which it will take the nett balances.

The latest issued Order will be linked in the main tab. I also made a PrintFormat on the fly.

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Re: Consignment Module

PostPosted: Mon May 13, 2019 9:37 pm
by red1
The Create Returns routine draft is now complete and await FitNesse testing next org.canggih.consignment.

Here is a draft Cheat Sheet README as guide use the Consignment Module:
0. Consignee BPartner must be marked as both Vendor and Customer
1. Set up Warehouse of outlet of same Name as the BPartner.
2. Plan Consignment Lines to send out.
3. Run Generate Movement
4. Complete WMS InOut (Picking) document linked
5. Issue Sales Order as Proforma Invoice to consignee
6. Record returns in Returns tab
7. Run Generate Returns (set Date Promised as next day, select a serial Handling Unit)
8. Issue Sales Order again to give net payable by consignee
9. Go to Delivery Order linked. Complete it as Delivered/Received
10. Follow Putaway List (WMInOut) boxing lines with HandlingUnits and locators
11. Complete WMInOut document

Re: Consignment Module

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 12:23 pm
by red1
We now can automatically create Warehouse just by pressing the Save button twice! Thru this way, you can actually create each Outlet's Customer's Warehouse to send consignment on the fly as you go along!

autowarehouse.png (49.26 KiB) Viewed 6503 times
You can leave the Warehouse field blank and choose the Business Partner first. Saving twice will automatically create the Warehouse of the same Name/Value as the BPartner. A reserve locator is also automatically done!