End of the ADempiere version 370 calendar

A proper layout of brochures, presale materials so you feel ADempiere can sell to business owners and not just techies.
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End of the ADempiere version 370 calendar

Postby red1 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:02 am

[10:14] == irman [de7c8beb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #idempiere
[10:17] <@CarlosRuiz> Hi irman
[10:17] <irman> yap sir carlos
[10:17] <irman> i want to ask something..
[10:18] <irman> would u like to tell me ??
[10:18] <@CarlosRuiz> sure - if I know the answer
[10:18] <irman> thanks..
[10:18] <irman> ehm...
[10:19] <irman> i want to restore a database using postgresql
[10:19] <irman> but it unsuccessfull,,,
[10:19] <irman> how to fix it sir ??
[10:20] <@CarlosRuiz> what did you do and what is the problem that is raised?
[10:20] <irman> i have a team that do a erp project...
[10:20] <irman> we're using idempiere..
[10:21] <irman> without using an installer..
[10:21] <irman> just copying data form our leader..
[10:21] <irman> i had set a install.app in eclipse..
[10:21] <irman> but when i want to restore database...
[10:21] <irman> it stop..
[10:22] <irman> what'll i do ??
[10:22] <@CarlosRuiz> do you mean running RUN_DBRestore.sh ?
[10:23] <irman> such like that..
[10:26] <@CarlosRuiz> to help you we would need to know what you're doing - exactly - and what is the error shown
[10:29] <irman> we want to make an erp project..
[10:30] <irman> i have a team that do it..
[10:30] <irman> before we using idempiere..
[10:30] <irman> we had already made it in adempiere..
[10:30] <irman> now we want to migrate it to idempiere...
[10:30] <irman> we just copy files from our leader..
[10:30] <irman> that set it manually in eclipse..
[10:30] <irman> now...
[10:31] <irman> the problem is..
[10:31] <irman> how to restore a db that i had created when using adempiere so i can use it in idempiere..
[10:31] <irman> got it,sir ??
[10:32] <@CarlosRuiz> you must restore the adempiere database
[10:33] <@CarlosRuiz> and then apply the migration scripts since the adempiere version you were - until the version of idempiere that you want to run
[10:33] <@CarlosRuiz> which adempiere version were you using?
[10:33] <irman> 3.7,sir
[10:34] <@CarlosRuiz> bad news - no migration from 3.7 to idempiere - you can migrate from 3.6
[10:35] <irman> so what'll i do ??
[10:38] <@CarlosRuiz> check if you can downgrade to 3.6
[10:40] <irman> do u have a reference to downgrade,sir ??
[10:41] <@CarlosRuiz> sorry - I don't know how to do that
[10:45] <irman> ok..
[10:46] <irman> thanks sir for ur explanation..
[10:46] <irman> :)
[10:46] <@CarlosRuiz> you're welcome
[10:46] == irman [de7c8beb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[10:58] <@red1> poor soul
[10:58] <@red1> Mayan
[10:59] <@CarlosRuiz> caught by a marketing trick
[11:00] <@red1> we can announce the end of the ADempiere calendar :D
[11:02] <@CarlosRuiz> 3.7 was a marketing trick - and tagging it as LTS was a fake
[11:03] <@CarlosRuiz> LTS was the acronym for "long term support"
[11:04] <@CarlosRuiz> but now is a new definition
[11:04] <@CarlosRuiz> "Long Term Stagnation" :-D
[11:07] <@red1> or LTS = Long Term Silence
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