Translation for iDempiere

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Translation for iDempiere

Postby PeanutBlake » Wed May 30, 2012 9:00 am

Dear all,

I've recieved an email from a French guy. ( email attached below).
ADempiere 370 does not give good translation support while making quite a lot modification. It really disturbs the users.

Now it is the duty for iDempiere to release and give excellent translation support.
If the titles and descriptions in iDempiere are stablized, I can give support to load it up to Launchpad.NET, so that everyone can join and translate them.

Best Wishes!

Peanut Blake
2012-May-30 from China
Hi Peanut Blake,
Sorry for the truncated senteces.
I use the latest version of Adempiere(370 lts) and the latest version of french l. pack. I follow the procedure as explained in documents but a lot of Menu items rest untranslated with the field istranslated "N". and the name field translated in french! I know that this translation is a partial and must be completed but it is about the items already with french translation.
I used another procedure as follows:
1) Expor Ad_menu to a text file (ad_menu_id,name,description)
2) Translate name and description with a translation engine.
3) export results to Adempiere (AD_menu-Trl) using Pentaho Data Integration suite.
4) Sync terminology in Adempiere.

It is true that the translation is not fine and satisfactory but it is rapid and straightforward.
I prefer ratherly the adempiere methode using language packs.
So any help is highly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Saeed Mozaffari
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Re: Translation for iDempiere

Postby red1 » Wed May 30, 2012 10:59 am

Peanut Blake,
Thank you for your email pointing to this.
Yes indeed for me i am following only Carlos Ruiz's leadership on the public maintenance of our community project as stable and intelligently reviewed code is the best guarantee of success in the long term.

However i will stress that as a FOSS project, there is no compulsion on our part or yours. So do not take our word for it. It is your own freedom of choice. Whether it be ADempiere370 or CarlosRuiz361/iDempiere. For a background read on the politics that leads to this you can refer to viewtopic.php?f=33&t=1482 (The Bogota Announcement in early January).

If in doubt please refer to any long-time players in this forum such as Peanut or also me. Drop me an email if i do not answer your concerns within 48 hours.

We wish all success in due time.
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Re: Translation for iDempiere

Postby tbayen » Wed May 30, 2012 5:29 pm

Thanks for your stimulation. ;-)

The translation problem is relatively independent from idempiere software. I have similar problems in the german community. It seems we are a step further but there ar many bad translations.

From what I believe a good translation is dependent from context. In the german translation are many faults that are "right" by words but wrong by context if you see them in the running software. These problems arise by automatic translation but even by lauchpad translation because in launchpad you do not see the context of the usage case.

The best solution would be a facility to correct a translation directly while working with the software and an easy way to distribute this to other users. My vision is something like an online translations database. I have been thinking about this for a while and eventually will propose it for idempiere code.

I would like to start a new movement for german translation. We need procedures to distribute and places for up- and download and discussions. I will do this if the new internationalized wiki is set up. Saeed can follow our effort. To organize it there will be a translations page in the new wiki. You will find it in some days via :-)
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