Some questions about branding

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Some questions about branding

Postby siberium » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:05 am

Hi Red1, Carlos

Have a some questions after reading
1. Is it good to register and use domains adempiere.*, idempiere.* for promoting this projects, community and use this domains without any commercialization?
2. And as a other side - is it ok to use adempiere.*, idempiere.* to make a commercial project for make unity of developers and integrators, take a money for promoting them, may be member dues, or other commercial usage?

Have a nice time
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Re: Some questions about branding

Postby red1 » Fri Feb 24, 2012 12:49 am

This subject has been long debated with similar objectives you stated above. The debate has drawn out both sides of the coin which has its pros and cons. To me, our project in essence is non-commercial and community based, for the sole reason that we do not have a starting fund or capital money to protect it. It is thus best left protected by the community itself with some simple rules:

1. Anyone can take any domain name but cannot commercialise it for self profit. Some have done that, and that is why we encourage more communal spirited persons to take them instead of someone else who has no interest to contribute or participate. It is just quite impossible to police the whole world of patents, copyrights, domain ownership which in the end we might as well be another ComPiere Inc or SAP.

2. Even if we collect money, again most do not pay and those paying will be hard pressed to recover or dominate what they hold to recover the costs. Also to be a legal owner of the project name is a liability. Please search for what Linus Torvalds himself said about going in and out of court-rooms to protect the asset of Linux, Inc, which he did not create the entity nor gave it its original name. He just want to play code with the community in the first place. So do we.

3. Linus final solution of Git and own dictatorial brand image is the best so far and it works leaving others to be free to create their own brand such as RedHat for commercial interests, without bothering Linus or his interests in anyway.

Take for example now the new sub-project name iDempiere. There will be others booking the name throughout the world so how do we challenge that? Thus i rather brand the authors themselves such as Carlos Ruiz and Low Heng Sin, as according to USA law, original name authors are universally protected. Please see the case of Julia Roberts and Madonna, who even though the name Madonna is common, the singer Madonna won over the dotcom easily in court from a squatter pirate.

Conclusion: It is open and better for you to establish your own namesake entity, and operate your own commercial services without even mentioning the underlying software project. What is desired from you is your contributions, and when you do, your name is mentioned as "So and so is a contributor to this project by Carlos Ruiz and Low Heng Sin".

Names come and go and we see how good brand names can be converted overnight depending on who is behind it. See AT&T story that broke up into many individual brand names.

A good analogy is the subject of getting married. Its purpose today is more for stability of the family project, getting tax incentives and even been more productive as a single unit. But that is now challenge. Many do not marry because getting divorced is more expensive, long drawn battles in court, etc. To be in a single group means commitment and many are not ready to commit any contribution or money, so that does not translate to any benefit of having a unifying project in the first place.

Recalling back the ADempiere project, yes it seems so nice at first, but only a handful are really contributing and the 98% others made lots of money on these few shoulders. In the end, it is the same for them in fact better they work as their own namesakes. Also we avoid the corruption of the Adempiere name as those who do not contribute but make bad projects or bad code changes resulting in users blaming the ADempiere project. With the present status quo of less project name but more contributor names, the users cannot blame the project name but those individuals. Likewise when they want to repay or praise the good work, they see the original authors.

Again in conclusion, this is our present policy and again others are free to create their own brilliant business plans outside. In one aspect this is my personal website and forum and those who come here do so under own discretion and this has given me tremendous branding and reputation which translates to high commercial or Google gravity. See CraigList for his similar opinion of personal effort that resulted in a big community without desire or need to commercialise to sustain itself.

Thank you for your questions as i enjoyed answering them.
Have a nice day too and i hope to meet you in the next Russian conference! :)

Kind Regards
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