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Review of 3.4 Book from Packt UK

PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 2:44 pm
by red1
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This earlier book from Packt UK written by Bayu Pramungkas is an eternal joy for Compiere, Openbravo and ADempiere ERP users and implementers. Reason been it is focusing on the underlying ERP methodological process of setting up a business entity and its normal business or operational functions. As the ERP projects mentioned above all inherit its codebase from Compiere, such approach does not differ and in fact is also relevant across other ERPs including proprietary ones such as Oracle Financials or SAP. Of course the coding and layout may differ from case to case.

The book starts off by the initial Client Setup process of a fictitious commercial entity that is out to produce and distribute garments. It takes all commercial constraints and concerns into considerations. From raw materials handling, right up to tax accounting of its finished goods.

It serves as a total complete stand-alone guide for those who do not have the necessary funding but do have the time, and patience to implement a full fledged ERP at their location.

However, having said that, this book does not help much further into the code under the hood. That is perfectly fine as this book is already a mammoth task never seen before for an Open Source ERP application to be configured for most of today's ERP needs. This is also important as an ERP setup should not modify or refrain from modifying the codes even though it is open source. There are 3 millions lines of code if you think about it.

However we do have another book also from Packt UK in case you like to meddle with code and integrate it further beyond the horizon and with other FOSS applications. You can refer to this book review for more information.

Re: Review of 3.4 Book from Packt UK

PostPosted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:36 pm
by red1
I myself or anyone else can provide open forum support here provided you really refer to this book. It is because there are many combinations of steps to get things wrong. If you are following exactly this book then i can be on the same page as you and provide easier support. Also you can refer back things more readily when you know where you are coming from.