How Do I Download The PDFs Here?

A proper layout of brochures, presale materials so you feel ADempiere can sell to business owners and not just techies.
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How Do I Download The PDFs Here?

Postby red1 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:37 am

When you click on some of the materials, they are embedded via GoogleDocs which can be downloaded. We will show you how here. You may need a Google account, so do register for one first before proceeding.

When you are ready, take a look at the PDF embedded box window, you will notice a top right corner icon (besides the - +) to view it in new window outside the forum.


After clicking on it you will see it as a googledoc link:


Click on the File button on the top left. It will expand a drop down where you select Download original. You can then save it into your PC.

If you choose to use the materials in it for commercial purposes, you need to gain permission from the author(s). Please write to the contact in the brochures (if any) and do not contact them through their phone numbers. This is to avoid inconvenience to them.
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