Red1 is BS?

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Red1 is BS?

Postby red1 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:16 pm

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First not all information is free. If all information is free I encourage you to publish your private keys and passowrd, what technically speaking is information.
Second people must be free and well beneficied. FREEDOM FOR THE PEOPLE !!!!!!
Kindly regards,
Marek Mosiewicz

I have to spend another cup of coffee over this misplaced posting on my so called rules. Well, here goes:

0. My words are not put forth as rules but a historical mantra. I first coined it when we sucessfuly unite the community to fork from Compiere.

1. Marek's last name indicates that he is probably not a native to the English language. As such he probably has taken the mantra in the literal sense and out of context.

2. Information is Free humbly refers to Richard Stallman's Free as In Freedom philosophy. My further prose puts it as 'Information is Free: You have to know'. The context in which such freedom operates requires proper documentation of software. Many users have even extended such good practice to the preparation of READMEs, manuals and guides. It is on a need to know basis - so important when it comes to ERP understanding.

3. To use the term 'free' wrongly is as Stallman himself has often clarify in 'Not Free Lunch'. I in turn also clarify that 'People Are Not' in similar context as i have put my prose to end with 'You have to pay'.

5. Marek must know I am not calling for (as he purpotedly puts it) the publishing of passwords and personally sensitive information. That falls too under the People Are Not Free implication. And to then turn around attacking that I am also making the community enslaved reminds me of the Old Man and The Donkey story. Whatever he reads, he will play the Devil's Advocate. For example if i say, People Are Free, he will then say, "You mean they must give free services without been paid?!"

6. Since this is the second time he has stepped up to the pulpit (after i deleted his first similar barrage in Facebook earlier), I have to ban him, until he apologizes and promises to stop playing the role of making anyone an Old Man with the Donkey. Such behaviour is not needed here. It is not part of the solution. It is part of the problem.
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