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Remarks on Paid Training

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 11:38 am
by red1
This is to address a remark placed in iDempiere's GoogleGroup forum -!topic ... fOkaoa7dZ8

Question: Is Chuck Boecking's charged services running contrary to FSF's principle of Free as In Freedom, Not Free Lunch?

1. According to Richard M. Stallman, the founder of Free Software Foundation, as published here, the software is NOT free (as in free lunch) and he proposed (as an extreme argument) to be at any price for example USD1 billion. His point been the term Free as in Freedom of the code and just that, not Free Lunch. In fact he told me not to insult him when i interviewed him personally in 2009 about how he makes a living.
Meaning to say we can even charge for the code if we so do wish, but we can NEVER sell a binary without the source.

2. Chuck Boecking is not alleged of hiding code. He is alleged to charge a higher than desired price (USD200 vs USD30) by the user. Neither is he stopping anyone of receiving the tremendous amount of 'free and open' information regarding the project published literally everywhere else.

3. Perhaps it is in contravention of my own prefered mantra of Information Is Free, People Are Not, Contributors Are Priceless. If Chuck is providing information, I always advice that they be made free so that his name is branded to be engaged on his consulting time. But if he prefers not to, it is perfectly OK, because i always argued that 'If you do not publish, others will and they overtake you in planting the flag on the hill.'

4. I hope the user will look at the positive side and refers to already plenty and more than sufficient free and open information out there and not refer to negativity in the project. Think solution, not problem. :)