Merry Xmas Happy 2016

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Merry Xmas Happy 2016

Postby red1 » Thu Dec 24, 2015 7:08 am

Peace and blessings of Allah upon Prophet Muhammad, on his birthday today according to the lunar moon calendar, and Merry Xmas (to those following this Roman pagan hijack of the Gospel) and Happy New Year 2016 (according to the pagan Greek solar calendar) to all our fanatical followers of the best free and shared ERP in the world. I have here my top take of iDempiere partners for 2015 which I have the chance to work with. And the winners are:

(1) From Slovakia, Norbert Bede, Jana Bedeová and Tomáš Švikruha's Albatross huge warehouse implementation which improved on iDempiere's Libero Mfg and WMS plugins. Originally this WMS came from Victor Perez's EEvolution project for Manufacturing and Warehousing in Latin America. I then took his GPLed work (it has to be GPLed as he based his work on Compiere's GPLed open source ERP) and pluginize them into iDempiere. Norbert Bede of Multimage then incorporated SAP's more advanced WMS with Handling Unit and Empty Storage Inbound/Outbound control. I have extracted the metamodel shown below and going through the code to normalise from the core. I took a snap from his youtube video on the Albatross installation Norbert Bede been Hungarian, also covered the Serbian state. You can follow ongoing contributions here

(2) From Germany, Andreas Thiel and Patric Massing's Saarbrucken upgrading of 1.0c to latest 3.1, where it is a complete German localisation and they successfully removed all hard-core mess reported in Their work and contribution will be ground breaking for the German community in particular as they fully comply with German accounting reporting regulations. I have the honour of been with them during this very hard mess, and they did not abandon the sinking ship but struggled on, and finally Patric Massing (after obeying all our holy principles of removing changes from core) did the most amazing. Though their case is just one typical implementation, but it is ground breaking in its philosophy as put out in the Black Paper. These folks been on the border with France, also speaks French. They have another sister company in Luxembourg that be the next one to take on the latest WMS once things calm down. You can follow ongoing contributions here Patric also followed well the doctrine of testing

3. Arturo Perez of Mexico. Even though he is a lone individual that struggles with small free lance jobs, he is a giant to me and I choose him against the sea of large and big Latino institutions (and babes) because he is a beholden candle in the dark raging seas. He single-handedly help translate my works into Spanish. That covers quite the whole of Latin America, a whopping 400 million people. See for yourself: and he is working on my third masterpiece (ERPSoftware.pdf).

I am still in the midst of working with them and will publish all contributions as when they are ready. I chose them based on:
1. They follow religiously my three line mantra of Information is Free, People are Not, Contributors are Priceless - You have to Be.
2. They are very decent and friendly people and never once try to cheat the GPL promise of freely sharing any improvement on what is originally free.
3. Our collaboration will open up the market for high value worth users that will ensure stability and sustainability of the market in the long run. It also drive more projects to us thanks to the well written documentation and guides.

May the Holy Spirit bless all of us and the rest of you remaining pagans out there.

Slovakia.png (283.43 KiB) Viewed 4803 times
Albatross Warehouse site

saarbrucken.jpg (235.78 KiB) Viewed 4803 times
Saarbrücken (German/French) ladies happy with the latest iDempiere

ImprovedWMSwithSAP.png (55.24 KiB) Viewed 4795 times
Improved WMS on my plugin conversion work on Victor Perez's Libero WMS. That is the spirit of GPL's show me the code (and i will show you the money) :D.

bratislava.jpg (43.8 KiB) Viewed 4776 times
See how well they fed my son Nasem in Bratislava, Slovakia. :) You can catch more of us in our facebook albums

arturo.jpg (65.47 KiB) Viewed 4773 times
With Arturo Perez in Mexico City.
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