Black Paper to show bad code

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Black Paper to show bad code

Postby red1 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:14 am

As Linus Torvalds said here
Talk is cheap. Show me the code.
I be showing real code but extremely bad code done onto iDempiere code base that will be interesting to discuss about. :twisted:

The conference in Krefeld coming up and I hope to present it there. ... rence_2015
I hope there is a guideline is such conferences, been open source to be more of community nature and less commercial, as business talk is even cheaper, claiming one is good but not telling the truth and the best way is to just 'show us the code'. We must be able to demand of that from such presenters.

There are still claims of FOSS projects asking people to try them but offering either (1) incomplete code or (2) bad code that no one has got to work and offered no further help. It is then up to the community and peer review to show the truth. I believe that a FOSS community is a technical community and not a business one which will show the kind of behaviour that makes me uncomfortable to be in. I quit such a job 14 years ago to come to the bazaar. I expect nothing less than what i quoted above.
(If i do not see you, due to my trip in Russian states with my son that time and not able to make it, then at least i have shown you the code above.)
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