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Adempiere is 5g. iDempiere, 1.6g, HELP!!!

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:38 am
by red1
It is reported by ADempiere technical team that its repo size is very big at ... it=25#4880 and they are doing their level best to half it to 2.5g. iDempiere is reaching 1.6g ( Besides been proper maintenance teamwork here, and not been part of the problem, everyone can try to think further of the reason why iDempiere is born using the now robust OSGi framework. It is the ability to bring out from the core, separate functional modules in the form of independent plugins thus effectively reducing further the core besides reducing overhead maintenance or just testing. Microsoft has 5 testers to each developer (i was told in Certified Foundation Testing class). We have the whole world of users with diverse, good test-data. So whenever you report a bug, please do so with some basic documentation as to what test-data you are using and the results. This makes good intel and you are already part of the solution. If you are bitten by the bug so much that you sent in patches to then put them out of your misery by attending the weekly chatroom meetings (if you miss them, see
Also do give moral support to those who contributed whole plugins by just clicking on each of these and rate them You probably understand and obey the GPL law which you agreed to when you accepted the code, as Linus Torvalds has put it that, 'you are free to modify and use the code but if you improve it, send me the changes.' Drop me a note if you are aware of those who don't and i will report duly to OSI, FSF, FBI and NSA.
Finally if you still feel some lacking in this project, you can send most of your guilt to :)