The banning of Trifon from IRC

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The banning of Trifon from IRC

Postby red1 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:24 am

This was some time ago, but in the interest of public and transparency behind our project, i requested for the logs from another person and publishing here without presumption.
<red1> hi trifon .. hows everything?
<red1> are u using any idempiere code?
<red1> i got some projects to pass or you prefer adempiere?
<red1> i forgot the ban command... hmm .. let me try this button... :D
* red1 ha echado a trifon de #idempiere (trifon)
<red1> ah it was the first one on the right :D
<red1> hope he returns for me to test the other one call 'ban'
<red1> oops was that the adempiere release manager ?
<red1> let me twit him then
* trifon (~trifon@ ha entrado en #idempiere
<trifon> red1 THANK YUO FOR HE BAN :)
<trifon> red1: i still do not use iDempiere code.
<trifon> IF YOU WANT TO BAN ME FROM USING idempiere code please include my name(Trifon Trifonov) in the License as not allowed to be used...
<CarlosRuiz> anybody is welcome to use idempiere code - with the condition (present at GPL) to respect credits - don't delete the names of contributors
<CarlosRuiz> is not the same about participating on IRC and moderated forums and coming here to scream in uppercase letters or use the f*ck word as you have done
<CarlosRuiz> if you want to scream you're invited to do it on the scream lounge on red1 forums - never moderated
<trifon> Carlos sorry i was screaming to Red1
<trifon> he is not in good mood this evening
<CarlosRuiz> does that make a difference? here we don't scream
<trifon> my screaming was coused by Red1 who banned me from the IRC
<trifon> well it was the first time i was banned from irc.
<trifon> sorry for my reaction.
<red1> Sorry trifon
<red1> it is something called a missile test
<red1> which i can do again because i am the admin here
<trifon> red1 it is your right to ban.
<trifon> and i will keep my right to scream.
<red1> you cannot just criticise my twit in adempiere without explaining why
<red1> yes u do, i am not stopping you
<red1> anyway i replied your twit and even hitting at idempiere
<red1> see how fair i am?
<red1> lets see if u can answer back that twit :D
<red1> we are pirates remember?
<trifon> red1, in fact i explained very well. Open Source ERP projects still fight internally. This was what i do complain about.
<red1> u do go to London to fight Mike Judd dont u?
<red1> u go to many countries taking adempiere work there
<red1> without informing or sharing with anyone
<trifon> red1, you are behaving like child, sorry. you still do not understand my twit.
<red1> is that not fighting internally?
<red1> ok then teach me
<red1> i am really dumb
<red1> u are really smart
<red1> wow
<CarlosRuiz> trifon, please exercise your rights to scream in proper scenarios (red1 forums or your own blog, but not here or in support forums)
<red1> so sorry
<CarlosRuiz> sorry - this is not adempiere where lurkers abuse from top contributors
<red1> its ok CarlosRuiz i am bad child, i will ban u too if u dont let me scream back :D
<trifon> Carlos, again sorry. I got my lesson. no screaming in idempiere forum.
<red1> oops... CarlosRuiz is also admin
<red1> i am really dumb aint i?
<red1> sorry trifon for the peace here i have to ban u
<red1> u can write back and appeal of course
<red1> any last words?
<red1> remember, i am a pirate too
<red1> but a good one who cares
<red1> and not take projects and yet bite the hands that feed him
<red1> i will ban u in 10 minutes unless you give me a reason not to
<trifon> red1: when we made our first USA project together you took 3 times more money then me.
<red1> because as u can see, in idempiere we really worked and not 'internally keeping quiet and bleeding the project"
<red1> wow... u are now accusing me of cheating you?
<trifon> no i just gave you reason not to ban me :)
<red1> do u want me to open back everything?
<red1> huh?
<red1> because i made money out of you?
<red1> u did not make money out of me?
<red1> or even took my advice the day u quit your job?
<red1> u call that bad advice?
<red1> i was worried about u
<trifon> no, red1 i just gave you reason why not to ban me from the channel.
<trifon> nothing more
<red1> and ask US pay u the first USD1k
<red1> not asking for myself
<red1> so i shuld not ban u because i took money from u?
<trifon> red1, i'm not angry at you.
<red1> neither am i, just worried
<trifon> it was just simple reason not to ban me.
<red1> i wanted u to be a top contributor
<red1> i really did
<red1> i put your name up so long
<red1> until someone in my country told me how u code
<red1> but i didn't care about that, i care about passion and spirit
<red1> u remember our last meeting in Kai's house?
<trifon> how i code?
<red1> where dietmar was there?
<trifon> this is interesting?
<red1> i said it does not matter
<trifon> nbo it matter you talk about it.
<red1> u are in Germany u can ask Kai again
<red1> in fact u can do that while applying for the job
<red1> after u do that then u can return
<red1> because it wont be me saying something to u about what u are doing as a living
<red1> i love u and your family
<red1> but i love this project and a real community more
<red1> if u do not feel u fit in there, then leave
<red1> its your choice
<trifon> Red1, what does someone from Malaysia told you about me?
<red1> here is for people who are not posionous to us
<red1> the same as in Germany
<red1> but i kept quiet
<red1> i didnt even tell u
<red1> not even here
<trifon> red1 have you seen me even once posting against idempiere?
<red1> sorry who?
<red1> who is idempiere?
<red1> i am dumb remember?
<trifon> have you seen me posting against idempiere project?
<red1> i repeat who is idempiere project?
<red1> give me names
<red1> do u see me post against the adempiere project?
<red1> u hit out at names like Carlos
<red1> i did not hit at anyone
<red1> i m just like CNN
<red1> maybe u not used to such news
<red1> if there are takers in adempiere maintainer job, which u wont want either
<red1> its with due respect to u
<red1> this is what it boils down to
<red1> who really cares about the projects?
<red1> who really maintain?
<red1> its sad to read the adempiere news
<trifon> red1, what do you mean by takers?
<red1> that they have to advertise for it
<red1> u dont know?
<red1> what do u understand by it?
<red1> since u commented back without checking
<red1> so now who is the child?
<trifon> red1, i know the news.
<red1> what is the news?
<trifon> ADempiere release manager job
<red1> ok,.. then? u applying?
<trifon> how do you think?
<red1> i was commenting that for it to become such news means something
<red1> during my time there were no such news
<red1> just code
<red1> and of course others fighting internally
<trifon> red1 if you want to progress with a project yuo have to concentrate on one project.
<trifon> forget about adempeire
<red1> and i taking sides to save the project
<trifon> there is new project idempiere.
<red1> then u forget about idempiere and leave
<red1> why are u here?
<trifon> i'm just in the channel because i like the people
<red1> who?
<red1> again u dont give specifics
<red1> cant u find them in #adempiere?
<trifon> red1, i work alone most of the time.
<red1> there are mostly no ppl here
<trifon> irc channels are good place for me to chat with reall people.
<red1> its a small project
<trifon> it is simple
<red1> tell me one u chat with here (besides me cos i am the admin about to ban u)
<red1> sorry.. u can chat with me in skype
<red1> OK?
<red1> so please?
<red1> take your time and leave.
<red1> gtg bbl
* red1 se ha marchado (Quit: Page closed)
<CarlosRuiz> sorry - I cannot allow that a lurker come here to disturb one of the top contributors - we're trying to do whatever necessary to keep the peace here, tired of those crappy fights that you just brought here as a deja-vu
<CarlosRuiz> please scream if you want but not here, you can appeal this decision if supported about your intentions
* CarlosRuiz banea a *!*trifon@
* CarlosRuiz ha echado a trifon de #idempiere (trifon)
* red1 (7c52791e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. ha entrado en #idempiere
* ChanServ da OP a red1
<red1> just to prove that trifon was joking and i did not steal money from him:
<red1> [3/22/13 7:26:53 AM] red1 d oon: u still not answered if your accusing me taking more money from u in a project is a case of defence [3/22/13 7:27:03 AM] Trifon: just one condition, please let the old project adempiere DIE, or what ever [3/22/13 7:27:08 AM] red1 d oon: or is it a civil lawsuit u shuld file in court and not involve idempiere [3/22/13 7:27:14 AM] Trifon: Red1 i was joking. [3/22/13 7:27:22 AM] red1 d oon: or u trying
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