Animal Farm

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Animal Farm

Postby globalqss » Thu Nov 29, 2012 1:11 am

:-) Funny to see these things from the distance, the usual ABC/Metas/ADeV mob appeared to clap a "CC council member" breaking their own rules: ... ic/6311057

Supposedly the community council is intended to ensure the communication guidelines here:
specifically on this case these two are very interesting:
10. avoid demanding contributions or cooperation from others
11. avoid blaming anybody for not contributing or cooperating
What to do when a CC member breaks both rules and the rest of the CC clap him: let me tell you -> Innovation Happens Elsewhere

Short story:

These are some guys that came to an open house - expelled the owners - took ownership and abandoned the maintenance of the house.

Now neighbours come and say: "hey, your grass is too high"
And their canned answer is: "take a hoe and fix it - or shut up"

When people answer "but I'm not claiming to be owner, you are! I'm just saying you are not maintaining the house you occupied"
And they answer: "no, our role here is not about maintenance, we're here to rule if you have permissions to take the hoe, and if you take it, we'll tell you how you must do your work meanwhile we look you working"


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Re: Animal Farm

Postby red1 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 6:44 am

Citizens usually accept such a governing administration due to
a) limitations or fear that they have no other country to go to or
b) there is always a threat from another bully country.

In ERP Software sense, the no other country we came from was Compiere which today seems rather calm and quiet and even inviting to others to fork further. Thus there is no threat that there is no place to go to other than your own damned country.

The outside threat of bullies are proprietary software such as SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle DB and Microsoft Navision but then they are quite friendly engaging in free trade in the form of open APIs such as Excel CSV format, HTML, json and other connectors.

*Sigh* the Animal Farm situation is a sad story where the shrinking regime there wants to suck the little chicks yolk dry.

But i still drop by the old farm at Compiere :).
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