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Censorship of 'September 11 Tutorial'

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:16 am
by red1
My OpenbravoPOS guide that touches on the story of September 11 has been removed from ADempiere Sourceforge download section. Below is the email informing me of the removal. The tutorial remain for download in my own forum. To me it is a work of art, fair comment that contains other authoritative quotes and joy of fair comment which of course happens to be critical against US interests, as well as against Muslim extremists, but heh, it was a black and white world all this while, with lots of white taking from lots of lesser colours. Read your history books man. Anyway if i am to make a response it is below this email.

On 2/15/12 11:09 PM, <name withheld> wrote:
> Hello Redhuan,
> This is to inform you that the OpenBravoPOSGuide.pdf has been removed from the Adempiere SourceForge forums.
> I recognize and appreciate that you are a creative and colorful author, and find humor in many things. However, mass murder is not funny, it’s not a good tool for teaching about business or software. It is not welcome in public forums about business tools.
> I was in NYC on September 11, 2001. I watched humans jump from the 100 floors high to avoid being burned to death. I felt the heat of the exploding jet fuel of the second plane, and breathed the dust and smoke as the towers collapsed.
> If you wish to invoke such memories in your own forum, then you have that right. But please don’t promote that in forums where people must work and try to make a living.
> Regards,
> <name withheld>

If i am to make a response it will go something like below. But i am not making it directly because I know when someone cannot take some simple counter facts. In a way i kind of expecting all this nonsense to head my way, that is why it is quite intuitive that i reopen my forum and have my own SF space to breath in my own skin.

Dear Sir,
You should publish this statement in the public forum and allow some fair comment before removing something which has not received any undue objection from its downloaders. For us citizens of the world at large have always been harbouring equal regret over war and particular those conducted by the mightier weapon of mass destruction against those innocent unarmed folks. So how is an argument fair? You maybe an eye witness account, but then others bear many eye-witnesses too, in most circumstance unrecorded. Obviously you are deeply affected by the EFFECT. But aren't you even deeply affected in finding out the CAUSE? But i am not going into that type of argument because you started it, not me.

About teaching history using your tools of experience i will also beg to differ. History is a deep and long subject and not through the eyes of a set of people who happened to dominate the agenda and the media.

Now coming to my style of writing. I am a satirist by nature. Using humour did not hide the fact as it is meant for the more uninitiated to see the other side of things - which is actually about Software Disaster, you moron. And i do use caveat and the disclaimer stating the fact of the regret over human tragedy and do not wish history to repeat itself. My article does not side one party against the other but I am also equally critical of suicide bombing and as a Muslim abhors wanton killing of any sort. But then i guess you choose not to read nor appreciate the equal balance of treatment in the novel effort.

But not seeing a contrarian viewpoint punctuated in the opening quotations from leading figures and source that September 11 is also a debatable subject as to who is really responsible, leaves much to be desired of a US led uni polar global society that has been getting lot of bashing, if you follow the news and blogsphere not controlled by the West. And how nice is that to allow that to creep into an area where creativity rather than censorship is desired?

Also not all US citizens like the official version. :) Many look at the Homeland Security as another corruptive deal and Patriot Act as another unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

In the end, we have to ask the question, what happened to the right and freedom to express anything, if only one side can ditate what is allowed and what is not. That side also dictated who is to be deleted, removed and done in a most shall i say in a most 'wild-wild west' way?

Kind Regards,

Re: Censorship of 'September 11 Tutorial'

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 8:56 am
by red1
There should be a due process of anything by people in power or in authority. It cannot be, "I feel hurt, therefore i must censure you." Thats what happened to me in the Nazi accusation. I was not given fair trial to present my defense and they can 'cross-examine' the witnesses that i really did not start the war. :)

Not that i am saying my tutorial is always appropriate for a community project. They can be placed in a special corner. We can always discuss them in a civil manner perhaps there is another better label for it. But the email above is emotional and forced up at a certain wrong time. What started that emotion? Why now? After 5 whole months that article is downloaded thousands of times. Again, any single complain from a reader? Which words are inappropriate? Perhaps we should give the chance to the author to amend them instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Why wasn't the same strong emotion evoked when the error is real and a cover-up even more real? I am referring to the FSF and ZK Ajax letters written by Mario and Victor. And the defamation made against the two Emilianos and Carlos by Moyses. Those acts seem not to evoke the equal sad and deep emotions.

Same like when someone used my name that Carlos Ruiz deleted my credit. I told the forum first on that so that they do not use that against him, as i made no complain against Carlos but made a big case on revert of peer reviewed code without peer review. And yet that someone used what i said as a case of deletion by Carlos. If that is not idiotic what is?

In the end i questioned on who is the real propagandist. Who is the real dictator. Who is the real saboteur of our project. In the end ask yourself this, "Who is the real killer of the project?" Why not hold a trial for both sides to debate to find out? I am always ready to meet. But they are afraid to face me. Cowards.

Re: Censorship of 'September 11 Tutorial'

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:22 am
by red1
To understand where i am coming from how else but to use a good ol' comedian from US soil to demonstrate the pristine right to be artistic and enjoyable.

And here are some of Bill Maher's guests including Salman Rushdie, which though Ayatollah Khomeini gave a death sentence, I read his writing and liked it for its style and thought provocations. But does the other side allow such freedom of expression?

Since I am in Paris, let's see what Bill Maher says about France

Re: Censorship of 'September 11 Tutorial'

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 11:31 am
by globalqss
Colin wrote at
>> BY the way in the thread you mention your POS document that includes references to the twin tower attacks ... and how no one objected
>> ... I would suggest that the material is not appropriate for the project and the document should be removed from our downloads section.

And here we go :-(

CC did it again.

My opinion:

* I really don't like mixing political statements on a technical or functional document
* and if asked I would vote for moving to another space in the project (where it can be allowed, not for deleting)

But, I'm strongly against:
* unilateral censorship
* deletion of things without due process
* application of the "law" based on personal feelings
* application of the rules to just half of the citizens (the half uncomfortable) and overlook the failures from the half that support gov (i.e. defamation case from Moyses, nobody from the CC expressed anything about such case).

The document in question was deleted without due process, invoking personal feelings, without asking opinion from the author, or asking for a possible better redaction, or asking kindly about moving the doc elsewhere.

Please note again that I'm not supporting the doc, but complaining about lack of due process, and the bias on the application of unwritten rules.

I'm glad we moved to a different space, and I hope we can manage things better there.

No plans to argue about this, just made my opinion and that's enough for me, I'm sad about all these totalitarian events.

Carlos Ruiz

Re: Censorship of 'September 11 Tutorial'

PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:27 pm
by red1
Muchas gracias amigo but no thanks, as i can speak for myself and defend myself :D.

It is not just a question of due process but also of proportion and context. Many times people judge us from a small microscope without seeing the bigger picture or story. Technical writing is a very very hard area to do and few in fact almost none does that and can consistently do that over a sustained period of time. I hate writing technical stuff cos it is so boring and you cannot rant nor joke within it. View the videos i posted above. The world will be such a boring place without them. I love Bill Maher, David Letterman and many more because they say all the taboo and forbidden stuff they possibly can unless stopped by law. They even speak against God.

But i love writing for fun and humour and satire and critical thought stuff. So according to the Theory of Constraints, since writing is a constrain but your skill for fun is not, why not merge and specialise? Thus began my life in 2004 writing POSred.pdf, CallOut.pdf all done in a whacky way. I wrote about Mafia, Sex, Religion, and hmm More Sex. When i talk is also the same thing.

Not many people like to talk because it is so boring to see boring faces in front of you yawning to sleep because you are showing something they do not find easy to grasp. Try showing code to an audience of 50. You see eyes rolling, glances at watches, chatting among themselves. So again, i try the fun way. I make jokes.

Imagine trying to make a joke upon arriving in Colombia. I told them that i think they are famous for coffee and no one has offered me any cocaine so far. And my Silicon Mountain not Silicon Valley joke. I love it when I made so many people ROFL, and in Quito one guy laughed louder than the public address system. But one lady then scolded me and said my Chicka jokes are tasteless, sexist, anti women and should be stopped. But did I? I told that guy to stop laughing instead.

I told the Old Man and The Donkey story long ago about better to "Do Nothing" because when you do nothing, no one criticizes you (OK you will cos i am doing nothing about the community and project :) ).

Tell me anyone who has compassion and passion for truth and freedom that did not either get killed, crucified or vilified. I do not like to hurt people, but many people are hurt and i wish to speak out for them. Sometimes, make that all the time, big brother gets hurt when you talked about the war. In every war there are two sides and i am always interested to listen to both sides. I am sorry if you are only one side.

I do not wish to go down into history as some Che Guevara, but if someone wants to put a bullet through my PDF and make it holy, i welcome that.

Greetings from Paris.

p/s Talking about sex, i like to say something about all the pornography in the Web. Do we stop that? No, because you can't. But you can put a sign on it saying, "Do not enter unless you are over 21 as the content is sexually offensive in content and may offend some people but not you".

In my case how nice if there is a label over it, saying "The project does not share any beliefs, dogmas, fanaticsm, or insanity the author possess. In fact you be crazy to download and read his technical writing punctuated with hatred, narcissistic sarcasm and schizophrenia. If you still do and find it offensive, please remove them from your computer, and file a complain with our HeadQuarters at Auschwitz."

Well here in France, you can question about everything, even the Holocaust (French govt trying to ban people questioning the Holocaust but popular opinion are against any such censorship). I tried hard to ask a lady friend at the Paris office here that there must be some taboo the French has and she answered, "You cannot ask a French how much money they make!."

Re: Censorship of 'September 11 Tutorial'

PostPosted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:25 pm
by red1
Perhaps knowing where i really stand on politics will help clear some air:
1. I do not reject the official September 11 story. Neither do i reject the conspiracy theory. I look for both within an intellectual framework where information where encountered, shall be examined, filtered, digested, rationally and systematically, and that may take a long process and many facets of it manifest itself in analysis from both sides triggered by anecdotes, aphorisms, dry humour, all in good stead of a healthy intellect that most humans should possess.

Such as I do not reject the moon-landing in 1969 neither do i reject the conspiracy theory against it also. I examine all propositions as presented and apply Q & A. I am even intrigued by the Flat Earth Society.

2. I am not a Muslim fanatic as in I am not an Open Source fundamentalist. I was born a Christian, became an Atheist, adopted Zen pragmatism and embraced Islam after a long study of the Semitic books, and continously move on, studying Humanism. I am fundamentally against the clear market exploitation and oppression on women, and believed there might be lots of misinterpretation of the Holy Books, from the Urpanishads right down to the Mormon texts. But I often ask the proponents to explain themselves at length, absorbing it all in with innocence and wonder.
2.1 I am against death sentence for apostasy because there are several applicable defense clause granted by Allah to the apostate to save his/her neck.

Relevant here is I am dead against summary judgement and execution. I have proven in words and deeds all this while that even if someone like Moyses come forth with evidence of foulplay against someone as dear as Carlos Ruiz i will announce a trial right away and call both sides to the little stand. So far, in this present 'regime', no such civilized process are followed.

Carlos Ruiz remained and stand accused of so many undue crimes, and no declaration are made to address or withdraw them within a fair court of arbitration. He is constantly and repeatedly accused of:
1. Fucken up the project by removing other project admins
2. Been bought by forum users, and sold out the project to the highest bidder
3. Hating Libero code, rejecting it on sight
4. Not able to work with people
5. Writing too loud
<add more, my fingers are tired>

And now that list of accusations mount as time passes, adding me to the list.

If anyone would be so brave to even mention him or me, that person too will be burnt at the stake (read Nazi statement). We are indeed living in the dark ages of the bazaar. You may ask why are they so evil if there is such a thing? Of course they are not evil. They are just business people wanting to make more money. Don't we all, Carlos and me included?

Re: Censorship of 'September 11 Tutorial'

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 4:13 am
by red1
One of my favorite comedy gigs. 'SILENCE!! I KILL YOU!!!' Reminds me of some committee, "SILENCE!! I DELETE YOU!!!"