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Postby red1 » Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:45 pm

This is not a rant but i find it more nice to write it out here rather than in other forums. I together with some friends along the journey from Vienna to Berlin has joined me in some localised work and i formed until we figured out a more better name and go for it. Things are quite fluid as we just started some basic brainstorming while on the road.

I first met these guys literally out from Facebook, the irc chatroom and the wiki mail and after some virtual handshakes, they drove from their far-flung separate locations to meet me. We end up making convoys and roadshows all over Germany while exchanging skills and starting from the bottom of some potential projects.

One crazy thing is all of us violently agree on relying and giving back to Open Source. Of course we talked alot about our 'war' but the others quickly learnt that mentioning my title can have far reaching and inexplicable consequences.

So this is very 'under-construction' but according to release early-update often, i am releasing this news early here.

The project roadmap is announced there and the starting admins all Germans except me, the lone Asian. It is also an experiment as i am dead curious if a Benevolent Dictatorship can really work. So far those three Germans agree to this arrangement.

As long as i do not mention the war. :)

Thus if you think you can refrain from uttering a word about the war and find that you can contribute more to work with us, then willkommen!

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Re: RED1

Postby red1 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:48 pm

A bit about the roadmap stated viewtopic.php?f=28&t=1468 :
- 2012 Roadmap
*Preliminary - We have to resolve the anxiety and uncertainty of CarlosRuiz361 branch when i go to Bogota next month (January 4th). The appearance of it is that we will jump straight to iDempiere pending a first test release soon.
*Documenting the migration steps to the pending iDempiere 1.0
*This include documenting iDempiere 1.0 itself
*Setting up an OSGi testing model (this again need more research)
*Functional testing roadmap for accounting and materials engines. This requires alot of detailing into fine business logic particularly for the costing engine.
*Basic core JUnit GUI testing of Main Menu functions - login into Java Client from Start and the common menu and utils operations
**Similar for ZK Ajax Main Menu functions
*DocBook help content - the present content is very lacking and many end user frustration occurs
*Expanding the OpenbravoPOS integration killer app. It has to be a more proper fork with a more ADempiere-like client model incorporating CRM, replicating database content of Business Partners and Transaction History.

or to give you an update:
I am now in Paris for 3 days now and have met Andre Legendre (Compiere-MFGSCM) who is reviving his code for iDempiere and based on the Adaxa Manufacturing Light who also introducing to some other folks to work on ADempiere Francophone that covers North Africa particularly Morocco and Tunisia (home country of Najeh Khaled whom i am staying with in Paris is the Arabic translator of ADempiere). This makes a busy schedule for me as this 2 weeks i am supposed to complete a test case of JUnit4OSGi for iDempiere onto the Jenkins. Next week i be in Bogota with Carlos Ruiz and resolving among others the political direction of ADempiere sourcecode.

This leaves very very little time to expand on my own SF space direction. So i have to remain narrow - i will just be the Jenkins stack to QA repetitively work from outside. At least i do one thing only and do one thing well. When that is done, then i can feel more relieved to play politics i mean do more projects for it. To describe further what that one thing is:

1. To continuously compile changes to the iDempiere codebase (pending Carlos Ruiz direction and migration of 361 to iDempiere). This is quite automatic and so are the rest from here.
2. To carry out subsequent JUnit tests, functional Fitnesse and Selenium tests, packaging and deploying tests.
3. To deploy iDempiere in various installers - Windows, Debian, apt-get, etc.

The only other important pet projects i feel strongly for is the DocBook HELP content that is easily available in HTML and PDF formats, and the OB POS integration enrichment. Hope to step onto those once the QA stack is working.
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